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Regularly published articles about buying property in Costa Blanca - Spain and enjoying life in the sun!

Spanish Driving Laws

Life in Spain

This is not "hot off the press” news – in fact it concerns law that came into effect some time ago.. However, since it relates to your driving license (licencia de conduccion), a reminder was thought to be a worthwhile topic. The rules for drivi...

Spainish Property Update Nov 2013

Property Focus Buying Property

Statistics released by the Central Government Public Works on property purchase during the second quarter indicate a resurgence of interest in buying property in Spain. Figures demonstrated an increase in sales in five of Spain’s 18 autonomous region...

Rental Income targeted by UK Taxman

Property Focus Life in Spain Buying Property

Worldwide tax authorities are trying to increase tax revenue and income from renting is coming under close scrutiny. If you are the owner of a property that is rented out, whether the property is in Spain, the UK or somewhere else, you need to ensure...

buying insurance online if so take care

Property Focus Life in Spain Buying Property

Undoubtedly, people are increasingly opting to shop on-line for insurance on-line, to cover our cars, holidays, homes and phones. Indeed in the past year some 75% of new car insurance policies were bought over the internet. Certainly, comparing price...

Is Spain out of the crisis?

Life in Spain

As for most of Europe the answer is undoubtedly  – No. According to Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, in a Wall Street Journal interview recently. Spain is officially out of recession but like the rest of Europe, not out of crisis. The facts seem to...

Whats the chance of renting your property in Moraira

Property Focus Buying Property

If you have a property in Teulada-Moraira – perhaps it’s a holiday home that’s vacant for much of the summer – and you would welcome the chance to defray some of the costs of ownership – then all available statistics suggest that the renting of your ...

Spain and offshore Assets

Property Focus Life in Spain Buying Property

Like most governments in such difficult economic times, the Spanish government is trying to increase tax revenues and has firmly set its sights on offshore assets. There is nothing wrong with owning assets outside Spain, but you need to ensure you de...

Costa Blanca Walking

Things to do Life in Spain

If your location for retirement is the Moraira area – look around you and you’ll see mountains. Many of them can be walked, but it needs to be stressed, in no uncertain terms, that a good level of fitness is needed. Additionally, if you’re new to thi...

Do politicians know what a billion actually is

Life in Spain

Our Chancellor of the Exchequer has just sold £3.3 billions of Lloyds Bank shares for us. You will recall in October 1998, we taxpayers were made to bail out Lloyds Bank to the tune of £20 billions. It seems this £3.3 billions windf...

Eating Out in the Moraira area

Things to do Food and Drink Life in Spain

People are always asking for my restaurant recommendations, and that’s very difficult advice to give since there are so many options available. To my mind, it all depends on the purpose of the restaurant visit. Is it merely to satisfy hunger without ...