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Walk to Cap Prim, Javea

Cap Prim

Cap Prim

Cap Prim

Cap Prim

This is a most beautiful walk with magnificent coastal scenery, completely unspoilt by any high rise development. The walk takes about two hours.
Commence the walk at the Arenal Beach in Javea and drive south until you reach the sign to Cala Blanca. You will reach the end of the road by the rocky beach where there is a car park. Leave the car here and walk along the delightful promenade for about 200 metres. Turn right up the steps and continue until you reach a lane where there are some beautiful villas. Turn left here and continue until you reach the main road towards Cabo de Nao. You will pass the College on your left and continue until you see the sign “Aula de Natura” and follow a narrow, surfaced road back towards the cliff edge. You will arrive at a viewpoint with a cross and from here there are magnificent views of Isla de Portixol and the coastline.

Follow the track down a few yards where there is a triple signpost and take the route left towards Cap Prim. This part juts out into the sea with beautiful views in every direction. Follow the green signs painted on the path until you reach the Cap. Half way along you can also take the turning left towards Cala Sardinara which is a tiny cove where fishermen look for sea urchins and fish for sardines.

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Algas Bar Moraira

Algas Bar Stormy Seas!

Algas Bar Stormy Seas!

Algas Bar Moraira

Algas Bar Moraira

The Algas Bar is situated on the left hand side of the Moraira – Calpe road about one kilometre from the main Ampolla Beach. To reach the bar turn left at the small roundabout and descend to the car park. From the car park just walk down towards the beach.
During the winter months the bar is open until 8.0 p.m. and serves food until 4.0 p.m.
Available are pizzas (€8.0), various tapas (€3.50), sandwiches, chicken and some other dishes.

There is a very attractive enclosed area or tables and chairs are on the terrace right by the beach with the most fantastic views of Moraira.

It is a very pleasant place to go for a drink or coffee.

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Scallops Restaurant in Javea

This restaurant is fantastic value for money. It is situated at the extreme southern end of Javea Arenal beach right by the water’s edge and there are plenty of tables in the open air, plus three large rooms inside.

It can be a little noisy inside but the menus are good and cheap. Three course meals, including a bottle of wine each person (you can take wine away if you do not drink it) start at around € 7 or € 8 per head and there are many choices, including fried fish, lamb, curry, pies, etc. also starters include avocado, soup, salads, pates and many more. Desserts are very varied also.

Tables can reserved indoors if preferred.

Telephone 96 577 1488. There are two rooms reserved for non-smokers.

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Walking in Denia

Stroll by the water’s edge!

This walk is a delightful flat stroll along the coast in Denia. A very pleasant way to travel to Denia is by train which travels from Benidorm, stopping at Altea, Calpe, Benissa, Teulada, Gata and La Xara.

When you arrive at Denia, walk towards the coast, just a hundred yards or so and turn right, walking south until you arrive at the fork, the right hand fork continues towards Javea. Take the left hand fork and turn left at any of the lanes on the left which will take you to the sea.

Here you can continue walking along the water’s edge for about a mile and there are a couple of restaurants and bars along the way. The whole return walk from the station is approximately four miles.

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Calpe Attractions

The town of Calpe on the Costa Blanca has many attractions, the first one being the Ifach Rock.

This is the smallest Natural Park on the Mediterranean and it is possible to climb it.

This walk takes approximately two hours and the trail starts in El Aula de la Naturaleza, which houses an exhibition hall exploring the protected natural spaces and displaying specimens of flora and fauna from the park itself.

The path to the summit is bordered by lavender, pine trees and other shrubs.

The route passes by the remains of an ancient wall rebuilt in the 14th century and continues on to a tunnel which cuts through the rock and opens up on the north east side.

There are some glorious beaches and coves in and around Calpe, some of the rocks form sculptural figures and also here are archaeological sites.

Just below the rock there is the fish auction and port and if you visit this area in the afternoon you will see the fishing boats coming in with their catch and unloading, ready to start the fish auction at 5.0 p.m. You can watch the auction from a special walkway. There is a screen which shows information on each crate of fish with its lot number, the type of fish, the weight and the starting price, which is gradually lowered until a buyer presses the Purchase button and stops the process.

Just behind the fish auction all the fishing nets are lined out to dry in the sun and behind this again are several fish restaurants, all vying for your custom. They are all very competitive and a very good three course meal, including wine can be bought for as little as €8.50 plus VAT.

The centre of Calpe is a long street starting at the sea and climbing to the top, with many shops, cafes and restaurants and the old town at the top on the left hand side also has many tapas bars and restaurants.

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A day out in Benidorm

A very enjoyable day out can be had on a visit to Benidorm. Drive north on the A7 autoroute until you see signs to Levante Beach. Turn off here and join the N332 going south and keep on this road.

If the weather is inclement, it is a good idea to start your visit by driving to La Marina shopping centre which is signposted on the right hand side of the N332.

The shopping complex is covered in and there are many shops there, including Zara, Punta Roma, Casa and many others. Also there are some very good tapas bars and cafes.

From here you can visit La Cala, a delightful bay, full of delightful Spanish bars and cafes and a safe and sandy beach. To reach this leave the shopping centre and follow the signs to Benidorm until you reach the crossroads and cross straight over here to reach La Cala bay.

The old town of Benidorm is a fascinating area of narrow streets, full of shops, tapas bars and cafes.

Along the beaches of Benidorm are covered libraries where you can read magazines and newspapers in all languages.

Also there is a tourist tram which goes along Benidorm from one end to the other.

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A Guide to Moraira

Moraira is a beautiful town with no high rise hotels. In the centre of the town there is a most attractive avenue leading to the main beach of Ampolla.

This has a water feature along its length with plane trees overhead which give much needed shade during the summer. A natural pond has also been formed near the beach to encourage wild life and there are gardens and paths with plenty of seats.

At the northern end of Moraira is the beach of El Portet studded with exclusive properties! above which is the Cap d·Or watchtower.

The beach is very safe for children and there are two bars/cafes which serve delightful snacks, salads, fish and you can order a Spanish paella, all can be eaten at the very edge of the beach with spectacular views of the Ifach Rock at Calpe. There is also a restaurant.

In the main part of Moraira there are plenty of shops, bars and restaurants to suit all tastes. The main beach, Ampolla, dominated by the beautifully preserved tower, is also very safe for children and during the summer season the beach has at least one life guard. The tower houses a museum with interesting aspects of the sea and pirates.

There is a market in Moraira on Fridays with many vegetable stalls, clothes and gift stalls. There is also a market in Teulada on Wednesdays-.

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Moraira Walks

La Cala Beach

La Cala Beach

A walk from El Portet to the beach of Moraig of Benitachell

This is a most beautiful walk of approximately 4 kilometres, estimate about 3hrs. 15 minutes there and back. The route runs through one of the most beautiful and striking areas of this countryside that ends at the beach of La Cala.

Start the walk from the Cami de la Viuda (this is the road before you reach the beach of El Portet in Moraira.

Continue uphill towards Calle Canario, the path is then signposted.

You are approaching one of the last areas that retain a great part of the Mediterranean coastline, with a copse of white pines or oak, esparto grass, palmito, kermes oak, rosemary and lavender, amongst other species. In the spring there is an abundance of many wild flowers.

Half way take the right fork, the path becomes more difficult and care should be taken. A recommended alternative is to the left just before the beach, a steep climb to the flat plateau from where you can reach the beach of Moraig of Benitachell.

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Moraira Beaches

L'Ampolla Beach Dec 2007

L’Ampolla Beach Dec 2007

There are some glorious beaches in Moraira, renowned for their cleanliness, the excellent quality of their waters and high standard of comfort services.

Here you can enjoy quiet and relaxing sunbathing or do the typical sand architecture projects and above all, enjoy a refreshing dip in the cool clean water.

There are also many organised activities where you have a variety of amusement; These include; Aerobics on the beach. Paddle boats and canoes are also available for those wanting to test their skills.

There are also great offers for underwater activities, a catalogue is available at the Tourist Information Office. There are many schools offering possibilites of sailing.

The main beach in the centre of Moraira is L’Ampolla, further along in the direction of Calpe are the rocky coves of L’Andrago and Cap Blanc and in the other direction is the delightful beach of El Portet. Supplied by the Tourist Info-Teulada.

El Portet beach in Moraira

El Portet beach in Moraira

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El Portet Beach, Moraira

El Portet Bay

El Portet Bay

El Portet

El Portet beach in Moraira is an unspoilt & stunning beach. A true tranquility of mother nature. The beach has two quality beach side bars, offering excellent tapas amongst other things!
The jewel in the crown as far as you care to travel in Spain. Well worth a visit!

Moraira Ampolla beach near the castle is another blue flag beach and very handy for the town. There are many coves and beaches along the Moraira coast towards Calpe that are very popular and well worth exploring especially if you like snorkling. Ther are many places to see and visit on the Costa Blanca.

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