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When a property purchaser uses our services, we provide unequalled guidance, knowledge and experience for the property buyer. 
What do I need to know?

When it comes to buying a property abroad, you need quality advice and guidance to be able to make a well-informed decision. In the first place, you need to know the fundamental questions to ask, those that may affect the enjoyment and value of the property in the future. 

Relative to you requirements, you ideally need to know any "deal breaking information" and made aware of the impact of any "compromises" you make. Something that may not be a legal issue but a potential deal breaker all the same.  The advice we provide on viewings is exactly that, the hard to come by experience, observations, questions and answers. How else could someone protect your interest better?
How do I find out?

Unless you are dealing with buying property on a day to day basis, and learning the many different aspects to buying a property, such as the common issues covered in our buying guide, market demand, current trends or the planning and legal regulations of buying a property abroad, it is easy to make a mistake.  Usually it's something that you were not made aware of before buying but becomes apparent once you have lived in it for a while, applied for an extension to build another bedroom etc... or come to visit during the colder winter months.

Who is going to take the time and ask you the right questions to foresee any problem that may affect you in the future.
two classic examples are, "Will you need to extend the property in the future?  Could it be extended?   What are the implications and cost?

It pays to be cautious, but you may also need to compromise. It’s important that you know which compromises are sensible to make and which are not before making a buying decision and more importantly how to start any negotiations.

A property which seems beyond your budget today could be within your reach tomorrow! A skilled negotiator with in-depth knowledge of the local property market, working solely for you, will have the best possible negotiating position and may be able to secure a price which may have been refused in the past.

You also need reputable legal representation whom we can recommend. There are no shortcuts here but please remember that legalities are one thing and making a well informed buying decision is another!
Top Tips

Take your time and never feel pressured or rushed. Do your homework. Feel free to speak with us about your requirements. 
If you have not already  read our advice regarding Orientation, we urge you to read it for your insight.
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