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Know more about us!  Spanish Property Sales was founded in 2002 by Anthony and Sally Bloom.  Our business model and approach is very different. We became property finders, after our own experience when we were buying a property in Spain.  We soon realised it was a tedious task to cover the market effectively to find the ideal properties to view.
The practical advice you really need to know hardly exists. Providing practical advice has become the most important consideration for our clients.  There are many things that you tend to inherit when buying a property that can not be changed. You need to know this essential information as it will affect the chances of selling it in the future. This needs to be considered during the buying process. Avoid making mistakes by making a well informed decision.

So, what do we do?
In 2002 we built our business and dedicated ourselves to working for you the purchaser. As your main point of contact, we help you with your search process by finding suitable properties to view. In addition we advise you on those properties you find yourself; the "pros and cons" There are many practical reasons that you need to be made aware of, saving you search and viewing time. See our free buyers guide or watch our video. Searching and working in unison like this creates the most productive viewing schedule for your visit.  We make all the appointments and accompany you with each viewing we make.
This approach covers the market with multiple property agents to ensure you get to see the best properties in a timely order. For professional advice, such as legal and financial, we always recommend highly reputable professionals in their respective roles.

The groundwork and legwork we put in day to day, in and around Moraira, Benissa & Javea ensures we constantly have our finger on the pulse within an ever-changing marketplace. You benefit from our wealth of hands on experience. It's simply the smart way to shop!
We believe that making a well informed decision is paramount and invite you to check out our independent Google reviews and historic website testimonials.

Purchasers using our services have no extra cost. We earn from the commissions already in place. This is unlike the UK but common practice here in Spain, so don't try to do it all yourself when we can make a real difference! Allow us to help you save time, money and get the best value there is.    Download your free buyers guide!  

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