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Mon 7 Oct 2013

Our Chancellor of the Exchequer has
just sold £3.3 billions of Lloyds Bank shares for us. You will recall in
October 1998, we taxpayers were made to bail out Lloyds Bank to the tune of £20

It seems this £3.3 billions windfall
will be used to reduce national debt by around £600 millions – but wait a
minute. Mr. Nick Clegg has declared that all children, in the first 3 years of
primary school, will be given free meals – and the cost of that handshake to
voters is £600 millions.

Now don’t misunderstand me. It’s
obviously a good policy, to give some relief to poorer families. But unless
some miracle occurred when I was asleep, the UK  is still deep in debt. We are still in the cloying mire. The
nation owes many billions of pounds.

Now, on reading this news, I was
trying to comprehend what £3.3 billions was like – then I read something that
put the number into perspective for me. I pass it on to you and to all the
politicians in all countries……


 A billion seconds ago, it was 1959.


A billion minutes ago,
Jesus was alive.


A billion hours ago, our
ancestors were living in the stone age.


A billion days ago,
no-one walked on earth on two feet.


A billion pounds ago, was
only 13 hours and 12 minutes………… at the rate our government is spending it.

OK check my mathematics if you like.
There may be some exaggeration, but the point is still valid.

Sad to say, I do not believe many of
our politicians, have any idea just how large a number a billion is, and
consequently I do not like the thought of them deciding how to spend our tax

Sad to say, there are now over 20 tax categories that
did not exist over 100 years ago, from VAT, Petrol/diesel Tax to Landfill Tax
and TV License. Oddly, 100 years ago, the UK was one of the most prosperous
nations in the world. Then the UK had no national debt whatsoever. Parents were
allowed to discipline their children. A criminal’s life was an uncomfortable
one. What the hell happened ?

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