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Property valuations in Javea & Moraira

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3 bed 120m2 moraira apartment for sale Recently I have been trying to make sense of property prices and valuations in Moraira and Javea. There seems to be all sorts of data around with regard to valuations. The majority is not area specific relative...

Villas for sale in Moraira and Javea - Repossessions

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For some time now property prices have slowly but surley been corrected to take account for the economic downturn. There are some genuine bargains to be had if you do your homework. It’s a mistake if you think that bank repossessions are bargain...

Moraira and Javea Property Investments

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The recent financial collapse of some of the leading investment banks, ongoing business failures, rising unemployment, stocks and shares rendered worthless overnight to what they once were and the credit crunch that is starting to kick in, it’s no wo...