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Wed 23 Oct 2013

If you have a property in Teulada-Moraira – perhaps it’s a holiday home that’s vacant for much of the summer – and you would welcome the chance to defray some of the costs of ownership – then all available statistics suggest that the renting of your property is a real possibility for you.

The occupation rates for Teulada-Moraira were higher than those of 2012 – 93.33% in August, up from 87.48% last year and 80.44% in 2011. In July this year it was 73.3% versus 71% in 2012, and 64.41% in 2011. The June figures show no major change – the 52.25% of 2013 was slightly lower than the 55.76% of 2012, but up on the 46.11% of 2011.

In June, July and August this year a total of over 15000 enquiries were made at our Office of Tourism by over 7000 people. This far exceeds the number of previous years. Undoubtedly the new Town Hall location is a factor in the increase, but so is the larger number of visitors to Teulada-Moraira.

It’s interesting to note that French tourists were the most common this year, followed by the UK and Germany. There were lots of newcomers from Eastern Europe and Scandinavia, and it was good to see a surge in Spanish visitor numbers, many from other parts of the Valencian Community. Clearly owners need to take this into account when planning the marketing of their property to attract renters.

Local mayor Antoni Joan Bertomeu declared himself to be very happy with the tourism results for 2013, but pledged more effort to continue the trend during the next year. He also declared that new leisure alternatives would be put in place, to allow visitors to enjoy Teulada-Moraira all year and not just in the summer months.

The Town Council is working on a series of projects to make the area an even more attractive proposition to visitors. For example, a lot of money is going into a local street repair programme – 100000 euros to be precise. Not only will the improved road surface be better for our elderly motor vehicles and people, but it will continue to upgrade the appearance of the holiday resort of Teulada-Moraira.

Then, in an area called La Sabatera, a 5000+ square meter plot of land is being developed as a green zone. Rustic wooden benches will be installed, and a railing will be finally positioned around the perimeter, after pine and carob trees are pruned back. All this activity will give citizens and visitors a place to picnic and relax alongside nature.

Last but not least, a campaign to remove rocks from L’Ampolla beach is underway. These rocks and stones are a nuisance for bathers, and the initiative is designed to make bathing there a more pleasant experience in the summer and the rest of the year too.

So it does seem that visitor statistics and the council’s investment in improvements to the area, make the renting of your property an excellent possibility, providing it is well marketed.

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