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Mon 14 Oct 2013

If your location for retirement is
the Moraira area – look around you and you’ll see mountains. Many of them can
be walked, but it needs to be stressed, in no uncertain terms, that a good
level of fitness is needed.

Additionally, if you’re new to this
kind of activity, it would be a good idea to first attach yourself to an
organisation of considerable experience and expertise in the intricacies of
mountain walking/hiking. Go to    and you’ll find contact details.

Some of their hiking routes use
recent man made paths, but in some cases, ancient trails that reach into the
heart of the mountains are utilised. These take you through small Valencian villages,
where the Spanish dialect is extremely hard to understand. They take you past
numerous Christan and Moorish castles too.

Some of their more adventurous walks
and hikes follow animal tracks and involve the exploration of river beds and
hidden barrancos (ravines). These off the beaten track routes often allow you
to see eagles, deers, wild boars, foxes, and goats in their natural habitat.
The further inland you go, the more secluded it becomes, without sight of other
people for much of the day. However you are treated to the spectacle of amazing
mountain flora colours and varieties, and of course, the views are

If you fancy walks without any
formal organisation, then the Rock of Ifach might appeal, since Its Calpe
location is easy to reach. The name was coined by Phoenicians and means
“Northern Rock”, distinguishing it from Gibraltar much further south. It’s 332m
high and the top can be reached by a zigzagging path, revealing a magnificent
view along the Marina Alta coastline.

Alternatively, drive to the car park
of the Bernia Restaurant, and you’ll find the start point for 6 possible walks
along and around the Bernia Ridge. Don’t forget – whatever walk you embark
upon, please take a good supply of energy food and water. This is a prudent
thing to do, and in the case of the water, will ensure that no dehydration is

Of course, it’s important to point
out that the walk/hiking options mentioned here are not the only ones
available. The intention is to give you a start point for your research, if you
fancy spending some of you retirement on this pastime.


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