Creating a garden in Spain

Gardening in Moraira Life in Spain

When you buy a property in Spain, once the interior is developed to your satisfaction, you’ll want a garden that looks as good and is appropriate for an outside lifestyle. There are many ways to approach this and I’d just like to pass on some i...

Strelitizia Reginae plant

Gardening in Moraira

Strelitizia (bird of Paradise plant) This plant is a must for any garden on the Costa Blanca and will be ideal in any Moraira or Javea garden. It has very distinctive spiky yellow and orange flowers which give the appearance of bird crests, they are...

Mahonia (Oregon Grape)

Gardening in Moraira

Plants for Moraira Properties This is very distinctive plant and gives a beautiful splash of colour in the winter with bunches of yellow flowers in spikes on the tops of the branches. The plant has dark prickly leaves similar to holly but not quite ...

Arbutus Unedo (Strawberry tree)

Gardening in Moraira

Moraira Strawberry Tree This is a beautiful evergreen tree which bears small clusters of very pretty bell like white flowers in late autumn and at the same time has very bright ornamental yellow strawberries which turn a very bright red. These straw...

Moraira Poinsettia

Gardening in Moraira

Moraira Poinsettia This is a beautifully dramatic red plant which is very popular at Christmas. The red plant is the most common but there are similar varieties with very pale green and white leaves, or pink leaves which are also very attractive. Th...

Moraira Thymus Vulgaris

Gardening in Moraira

Thymus This plant is a very useful herb to grow in the garden. The plant is quite compact with small grey/green leaves and in midsummer has clumps of purple flowers. It is readily available in most garden centres.

Rosemary Officinalis

Gardening in Moraira

Moraira Rosemary This is a very useful plant for cooks and makes a decorative and aromatic plant in the garden. It is particularly good grown in pots as this keeps the plant compact and it does not get too straggly. The plant is evergreen with attra...


Gardening in Moraira

Plumbago Plant This is a most beautiful shrub with pale, deep blue or white flowers. It can be trained to be a climber, a spreading shrub and can even be used as a hedge. It flowers late summer and likes full sun. It needs light watering. These plan...

Agarve Atenuata

Gardening in Moraira

Agarve Atenuata This is an outstanding structural plant with wide grey leaves. Many agarves have quite dangerous spikes at the ends of the leaves but this partu¡icular variety has quite soft fleshy type leaves and is most attractive. A bonus with th...


Gardening in Moraira

Cyclamen This is a very beautiful plant with quite exotic flowers, either in pale pink, cerise or white. These plants like a fairly shady place in the garden and should be watered regularly from the base. They flower late summer and will go on flowe...