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Montgo Choral Christmas Concert

This choir will be performing An Evening of Christmas Carols on Sunday, 21st December at the Iglesia de la Santa Cruz, Pedreguer. Admission is by programme (€8.0), children free.

Programmes are available from Humpty Dumpty, Javea, Libreria Europa, Calpe, Jays of Jalon and Kelly´s, La Xara, or telephone Peter on 96 646 2944 or Christine on 96 648 0880.

The profits from this concert will go to the centre for the elderly and Alzheimer sufferers.

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Childrens Activities, Teulada - Moraira

For children from 5 to 11 years there will be Christmas and music workshops, games, theatre plays, jugglers, etc.. These will be held on 22nd, 23rd and 24th December from 10.00 – 13.00 at Saint Vincent Ferrer School in Teulada. And on 26, 29th and 30th December from 10.00 – 13.00 hours at Cap d ´O r School in Moraira. If anyone would like to join call 96 574 00 04 for more information and to register.

For children of 12 years and over there will be Wii competitions, break-dance and funky lessons, jugglers, kettledrums and typical Christmas activities.

These will be 26th and 27th December from 10.0 – 22.00 hours at Punt Jove in Teulada and on 2nd and 3rd January from 10.00 – 22.900 hours at Punt Jove del Espai la Senieta in Moraira. It is free to join.

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Carol Services

Carol Services

The Javea International Baptist Church are holding Christmas Carol Services as follows:

Friday, 19th December – 7.00 p.m. Benitachell Church Sunday, 21st December – 11.0 a.m. Grande Café, Toscamar Tuesday, 23rd December – l2.0 mid-day . Javea Port, opposite Miramar Hotel Thursday, 25th December – 10.30 a.m. – 11.30 a.m. Christmas Day Service, Grande Café, Toscamar.

A Church Service is held every Sunday at 11.0 a.m. at The Grande Café, Toscamar, situated on the Cabo de la Nao road between Rossini´s Restaurant and Keith and Lynn´s Supermarket.

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Christmas Festivities, La Fustera

Christmas Festivities, La Fustera.

At the Ermita de San Josep, La Fustera

There will be Christmas Carols and Christmas Readings on Wednesday, 24th December at 17.00 hours.

On Christmas Day the Eucharest will be performed at 12.0 mid-day. For details telephone Andrew Johnson on 96 587 5070.

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Christmas Cabaret and Dance, El Andaluz, Moraira

Moraira El Andaluz

Moraira El Andaluz

A Christmas Cabaret and Dance will be held in the El Andaluz Restaurant, Moraira on Saturday, 20th December, commencing at 10.30 hours. This restaurant is situated about 150 metres past El Paichi Garden Centre on the left hand side, taking the Benitachell road at the roundabout.
The “Voice of David” will be the vocalist. David has been singing with various bands for many years, including the Lyceum Ballroom, London and also nightly at the Talk of the Coast, Benidorm.

Also performing will be Barry Moon, comedian who has entertained troops in the Falklands, Northern Ireland and Kuwait.

Tickets are €15.0 which includes a Tapas Meal – over 18s only. These are available from El Sid´s, Moraira, Cornish Pride, Moravit, Moraira or telephone Barry on 616 746 995 or David on 634 763 311.

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Church Services, Moraira

Outside Moraira Church

Outside Moraira Church

The church in Moraira has a beautiful Christmas tree right outside, surrounded by many poinsettias.
Services are as follows:-

Weekdays except Mondays 9.30 a.m.

Saturdays and day before a holiday 8.0 p.m.

Sundays and holidays 11.0 a.m.

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Hedra Florist, Moraira

Moraira Florist

Moraira Florist

Christmas Floral Displays

Christmas Floral Displays

This shop has some very attractive Christmas floral displays, plus a large selection of Christmas decorations.
To locate the shop walk down Avenue de Madrid and take the second turning on the right hand side. The shop is just a few doors along on the right.

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Christmas at Benidorm Palace


During the month of December there will be special dinners at Benidorm Palace.
The menu consists of pates with toast, cream of fresh vegetable soup, a crown of fresh and smoked salmon with lemon sauce, fillet steak, chef´s special desert and Christmas confectionary. Also included are white, rosé and red wines and champagne.

The price including show is €53.

On Christmas Day there will be a special dinner. This consists of salmon with cheese and herbs, cream soup with almonds, special salad, sorbet of mango and pineapple, fillet steak with golden potatoes and vegetables, Christmas pudding, a bottle of wine between two of either white, rosé or red, champagne and Christmas confectionary.

The price including show is €53.

On Boxing Day there will be a special dinner.

This consists of Salad with three cheeses, cream of leek soup with ham, salmon delights with watercress and mango vinaigrette, apple sorbet, fillet steak in port sauce with roast potatoes, Christmas log with custard, Christmas delights, a bottle of wine for two, white, rosé or red.

The price including show is €53.

There is a grand dinner and gala for New Year´s Eve.

The menu consists of a special pate with salad and rosemary honey, clam soup, lobster salad, lemon with rum, special deserts, Choice of wines, Raimat Chardonet, Mateus Rosé, Tinto Crianza (Rubero del Duero) and champagne. Turrones and Christmas confectionary, Grapes Chocolate with churros early morning Spectacle up to 24 hours Free Bar

The price including show is €160

For any further information and reservations telephone 96 585 16 60

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Presents for the Christmas Tree

Moraira Market Scarf Stall

Moraira Market Scarf Stall

There is a stall in Moraira Market on Friday mornings which sell a selection of scarves at incredibly cheap prices and would make excellent Christmas tree gifts.
There are all types of scarves from knitted, striped, woven, silk and chiffon. Also they sell beautiful stoles in all colours and designs. Most scarves are either €2.0 or €3.0.

The stall is situated at the very end of the market nearest to the fair ground.

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English Books

Moraira Market

Moraira Market

The Lions Club hold a second hand book stall in Moraira Market every first and third Friday in the month.
These books are sold for €1.0 and there is a very large selection of good books, some of which are the latest best sellers. Also sold is a selection of cookery, handcraft and other interest books and there is a stall selling German books also.

The stall is situated at the bottom of the market nearest the fair ground.

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