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A Visit to Safari Park Vergel

Siberian Tiger

Siberian Tiger

A truly wonderful day out with or without children is to the Safari Park at Vergel.

Leave Moraira on the N332 going north towards Valencia and just past Ondara. Take the CV 700 on the left hand side, signposted Safari Park. This is situated just a short distance on the left.

You can take your car in and visit the first part where the lions and tigers are situated, staying within your car with the windows shut. After leaving this area you can park your car and walk if you wish or continue to drive.

There are l,400 animals, 145 different species, a fantastic monkey island, a bird sancturary, llamas, reptiles and many more attractions.
If you visit the Tourist Office in Moraira they have leaflets, showing directions and also offering a €4.00 adult discount.

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A Walk to Benimarco

If you live in Moraira, drive to the Avenue de Mediterraneo (the dual carriageway in Teulada) and begin your walk from here. Continue to the camino de San Miguel where you will pass the Creueta del Ave Maria (a cast iron cross with a ceramic inscription).

Take the lane to the right and you will arrive at the Font del Horta which has two outlets and a small watering place. The fountain gives tranquility and natural beauty.

From there we can continue on the Cami del Boticari, starting behind this font. On arriving at the Cami del Pouet del Moro, we turn to the right, passing in front of the well which dates back to the middle ages, until we reach the road to Benimarco, a typical rural hamlet shared by both Teulada and Benisa with many interesting properties in Benisa, Teulada and Moraira.

Along the walk you will see many worksheds, typical of this region.
We finish our tour in the square where the hermitage of Sant Jaume lies. The building, with a single nave, is comparable to those of the so-called “conquest” churches . In the square there is a balcony with a great view of the sea.

You can walk back to Teulada via Cami de Sant Miquel in which case you walk through Cami de Buseit, which starts by the hermitage and finishes on the urbanisation “La Coma dels Frares”, a beautiful countryside.

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Moraira Walks

La Cala Beach

La Cala Beach

A walk from El Portet to the beach of Moraig of Benitachell

This is a most beautiful walk of approximately 4 kilometres, estimate about 3hrs. 15 minutes there and back. The route runs through one of the most beautiful and striking areas of this countryside that ends at the beach of La Cala.

Start the walk from the Cami de la Viuda (this is the road before you reach the beach of El Portet in Moraira.

Continue uphill towards Calle Canario, the path is then signposted.

You are approaching one of the last areas that retain a great part of the Mediterranean coastline, with a copse of white pines or oak, esparto grass, palmito, kermes oak, rosemary and lavender, amongst other species. In the spring there is an abundance of many wild flowers.

Half way take the right fork, the path becomes more difficult and care should be taken. A recommended alternative is to the left just before the beach, a steep climb to the flat plateau from where you can reach the beach of Moraig of Benitachell.

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Scuba Diving in Moraira

Moraira Platgautes Beach

Moraira Platgautes Beach

For those interested in scuba diving there is a diving and watersports centre on the road from Moraira to Calpe.

You can enrol for the Scuba Diving course with a highly trained diving team for €60.

There is equipment for hire, Air Fills, Specialities, Night Dives, Cavern Dives, an air conditioned classroom and lots more. For further details ring 96 649 2006 . Their web site is www.scubamoraira.com

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Moraira Castle

Moraira Castle

Moraira Castle

Until the beginning of the 19th century the Mediterranean Sea was renowned for piracy. The Berber pirates, also known as Ottoman corsairs, were pirates who, from North Africa, Tunisia, Tripoli, Algiers and the Port of Morocco, attacked shipping for their own profit.
The coast was extremely difficult to defend due to the gentle climate, and the many coves, islands and caves which provided excellent hiding places for the pirate ships.

Any attack on the coastal towns and villages could change the life of their inhabitants and turn anyone into a captive, with an unknown future for them.

The pirates would also take people hostage and this was very important for receiving ransoms for their release. The Berber pirates captured thousands of Christians, who were sold on slave markets in places such as Algeria and Morocco.

These slaves were women, childrern, young or old from the coastal villages, who had to survive in a world of cruelty.

In the 18th century there were also Christian corsairs, merchant sailors with a government Corsair licence in search of enemy ships they might capture. A famous Captain Antonio Barcelo fought against pirate ships on our coast and was promoted to General of the Navy in 1748, before the construction of the Moraira Castle which was built for defence and surveillance purposes.

The castle dominates the beach of El’Ampolla and was much needed to defend the coastline.

The walls are 10 meters high and are made of masonry work covered by stone ashlars, which were more resistant to artillery than the mortar previously used to build defence towers. The coastguard who defended the castle was stationed in Teulada on the Costa Blanca and was responsible, as well, for the surveillance at the Tower of El Cap d’Or and along the entire coast. You can see the castle today and it is in a very good preserved state. Info supplied by Teulada tourist info centre.

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Paella Recipe



This is an authentic paella recipe cooked for us by a Spanish family in their finca in the hills behind Moraira.

For about 8 people.

24 large raw prawns
1 large red pepper
4 portions rabbit cut into 2” pieces
Similar amount of chicken
“ “ pork
Half kilo small squid
Cooked green beans
Few strands saffron Teaspoon paprika 1 teaspoon colourant 1 chopped onion Quarter kilo cooked butter beans “ “ chopped tomatoes 200 grams paella rice Double amount of water 1 kilo mussels, thoroughly cleaned.

Fry prawns in hot olive oil, add salt and remove Fry peppers and meats, when cooked add squid, then onions, green beans, spices, butter beans, chopped tomatoes, rice, stir, add water.

Cook till water is absorbed, return prawns and Add mussels.

Cook till mussels open, Discard any that do not open, Garnish with lemon.

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Moraira Golf

Moraira Golf

Moraira Golf

There is a very attractive 9 hole golf course in Moraira called Club de Golf Ifach.

The view standing from the club house looking down the course is very scenic with the Calpe Rock and sea at the end.

Take the road out of Moraira towards Calpe for approximately 3 kilometers from the centre of Moraira. It is signposted, turn right immediately before the large Pepe la Sal supermarket.

On Tuesdays and Fridays there is a 9 hole Stapleford fun competition, everyone is welcome and very friendly. Arrive by 8.30 a.m.

On Tuesdays it is run by Bert Holmes and on Fridays by Tony Mudge. The cost to enter is €2.00 and there are prices for the three winners.

As a non-member of the club the charge for 9 holes is €31.00 To play at other times telephone 96 6497114 to book a time.

The course is a par 30 with three par 4 holes and six par 3 holes.

Normal cost

9 holes €31.00 14 holes €41.00

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Property Inspection Trips

A word of advice regarding property inspection trips – Don’t do it!

I’m afraid we have been there and worn the T-shirt. We get to hear of some horrible stories as well!

Avoid estate agents, companies or developers offering to subsidize your cost, that’s if you don’t want to feel under any obligation and remain totally free and independent to do what you please as and when you wish!

It may sound like a good idea, especially when they grab your attention at the various exhibitions, offering free flights etc.

The truth is, there’s no such thing as a free lunch and the price you pay is your limitation of what properties you will view. You will also feel obliged to them if they have subsidized your trip.

It is also common to be subjected to sophisticated sales techniques at best or high pressure sales at worst!

You may be offered free flights, free airport pick ups, free accomodation etc, usually out of town and away from the other estate agents you may decide to pop in and see!

Then it’s usual to be picked up first thing to view everything you don’t want and realising you’ve missed out on everything you do, only to find you need to come back again.

The best thing to do, is to come out under your own steam and be under no obligation to anyone!

If you don’t have much time and need someone to help you put together a worth while property viewing schedule, you really ought to consider a professional independent property finder and advisor.

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New Municipal Building in Moraira

Moraira Municipal Building

Moraira Municipal Building

This new centre opens today to provide services to our citizens. It will be named Espai La Senieta. It is situated on the junction of Avenida Madrid and the Moraira-Calpe road.

This modern and functional area will provide direct service with regards to Municipal documentation and requests. At the same time it will enable the programming of cultural, social and spare time activities and encourage multicultural integration.

The following services can be found in this new building:

“SIT” Town Hall offices (for the presentation of documents etc.) Theatre Exhibition hall 4 multipurpose classrooms Reading area Library-youth area Centre for older people Bar-Cafeteria Concierge

Programme for Week l 13th January.

12.30 h. Opening day Espai La Senieta 13.00h. Inauguration of the Exhibition of Gines Salva. “25 years of painting” – Exhdibition
Hall. Youth Activities: 18.00h. CircusWorkshop – Multipurpose classrooms. 19.00h. Laughter workshop – Multipurpose classrooms. 20.00h. Play – Theatre

14th January

18.00 Meeting of the Mayor with the Pensioners – “Room for 3rd age”. 19.00h. “Sainet 2 l ficats” (Play in Valenciano) – Theatre.

15th January

19.00h. Homage to the late Francisco Rabal with the presence of his widow The actress Ascuncion Balaguer. This will be followed by the film “El hombre de la isla”(The man of the island made in Moraira with Paco Rabal)Theatre.

16th January

13.15h. Talk and Presentation of the Campaign “Aligothon” – Environment Department – Theatre. ( 16th January (continued)

19.00h. Concert by the group “Manhattan Jazz” – Theatre.

17th January

19.00h,. Exhibition of Gymnastics by the children of the Club Llebeig – Theatre.

18th January

18.00 Play for children called “Les Cinc Estacions” by the group “Taranna Theatre” .- Theatre. 20.00h. Exhibition of Tai-chi and Wushu – Multipurpose classrooms.

19th January

19.00h. Concert by the “Agrupacion Musical Cultural de Teulada “ and Coral Teuladina (The band and Choir of Teulada) – Theatre.

20th January

19.00h. Concert by OMA (Orchestra of the Marina Alta) – Theatre.

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A Day In Valencia

Oceanographic Centre, Valencia

Oceanographic Centre, Valencia

For anyone living or holidaying in Moraira a day in Valencia is fascinating. The best way to get there is either to catch a boat from Benissa or to drive to Xeraco train station, one stop past Gandia and park your car, it is very easy to park here, and catch the train.
There are some beautiful shops in the city, the main area being Calle Colon and Gran Via Marques Turia. Whilst in this vicinity take the opportunity to catch a light breakfast in the beautifully refurbished Mercado de Colon. This magnificent structure now covers a number of smart modern cafes within its courtyard. Whilst in this area you will find the Museo de Bellas Artes, 9 Calle San Pio. Stroll around the lush gardens before taking in the works of some of Spains finest painters, Velazquez, Goya, El Greco, etc.

Also worth visiting is the Barrio del Carmen, full of winding streets with boutiques.

At the north west of the historic centre is the imposing IVAM, Calle Guillem de Castro, the premier centre for modern arts.

In the afternoon visit the Jardines del Turias, a 10 km stretch of cultivated dried out river bed of the once flood-prone River Turia, this now verdant stream of manicured gardens flows south towards the port, incorporating sports fields, cycle paths, modernist architecture and cafes.

Spend some time at the Ciudad de las Artes de las Ciencas, a monumental area full of interest.

For a less tiring day you can take a trip on the open top bus around the City, getting off and on wherever it takes you fancy.

The oceanographic centre is well worth a visit. It’s an amazing under Ocean world and you walk through it. There is lots to see and they also have a Dolphin show.

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