Walk to Cap Prim, Javea

Cap Prim

Cap Prim

Cap Prim

Cap Prim

This is a most beautiful walk with magnificent coastal scenery, completely unspoilt by any high rise development. The walk takes about two hours.
Commence the walk at the Arenal Beach in Javea and drive south until you reach the sign to Cala Blanca. You will reach the end of the road by the rocky beach where there is a car park. Leave the car here and walk along the delightful promenade for about 200 metres. Turn right up the steps and continue until you reach a lane where there are some beautiful villas. Turn left here and continue until you reach the main road towards Cabo de Nao. You will pass the College on your left and continue until you see the sign “Aula de Natura” and follow a narrow, surfaced road back towards the cliff edge. You will arrive at a viewpoint with a cross and from here there are magnificent views of Isla de Portixol and the coastline.

Follow the track down a few yards where there is a triple signpost and take the route left towards Cap Prim. This part juts out into the sea with beautiful views in every direction. Follow the green signs painted on the path until you reach the Cap. Half way along you can also take the turning left towards Cala Sardinara which is a tiny cove where fishermen look for sea urchins and fish for sardines.

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