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Moraira Sangria Recipe

There are many variations of this recipe, which basically follow this one – you can add more fruit or hard alcohol or soda – but remember it needs to be served ice cold, so allow plenty of time for chilling.

Makes about 2 pints


1 bottle dry full-bodied red wine 1 can fizzy orange, chilled 1 can fizzy lemon, chilled Spanish brandy – or any which is quite light Banana liqueur Cointreau 1 apple, chopped 1 pear, chopped 1 lemon, thinly sliced 1 orange, thinly sliced 1 tsp sugar 1 cinnamon stick Ice cubes


Put all the fruit pieces into a large jug, then pour over a generous amount of the banana liqueur, cointreau and brandy. Pour in the bottle of wine, and leave in the fridge to chill.

Once this is really cold, pour in the fizzy drinks and add the cinnamon and sugar. Mix in some ice cubes and it´s ready to serve.

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Property for sale in Moraira

Moraira Villa with Sea View!

Moraira Villa with Sea View!

Why buy property in Moraira?

Spain has many areas of development for the holiday home and retirement market. Predominantly, these areas have been, and still are, concentrated along the coastlines. Most coastal towns are high-rise and the surrounding areas are extensively built-up. Some areas are failing due to the over development of housing estates. The media has had a field day! But we must not tarnish the whole of Spain with this brush as there are some very wealthy, desirable and established areas that will always remain popular.

Moraira and Javea on the Costa Blanca are the exceptions, with strong local government which is committed to ensuring that they remain un-spoilt by over-development.

Spain’s biggest asset by far for the northern European is the sunny climate and the outdoor, healthy lifestyle that this encourages. The Costa Blanca is internationally recognised by the World Health Organisation as one of the healthiest climates in the world!

A healthy place to live, lower cost of living, good food, fine wine, stronger family values and diverse cultures that are steeped in tradition offer something special for us to explore and enjoy.

Moraira and also Javea support our basic requirements for healthcare, safety, clean streets, blue flag beaches, ongoing local investment and effective policing, all are major influences.

It’s no wonder thousands of northern Europeans want to buy property in Spain and this trend is set to continue well into the future. Moraira and Javea are sophisticated, well-established and highly desirable areas, which tick all these boxes and more besides.

When we think about buying a property abroad, we may or may not decide to compromise, relative to how much we want to spend. Will a bargain holiday or retirement home in Bulgaria, for example, offer us the standard of living we are used to, the quality of life we enjoy and work hard to maintain, and the way in which we prefer to socialise and integrate. These are key factors when deciding upon the area and infrastructure which promotes the lifestyle we seek or are already accustomed to.

To put it bluntly, when it comes to buying property, as with any other purchase, the larger the budget the more choice you have. If your budget permits, we are sure you will choose Moraira property or Javea property!

The Moraira and Javea area is simply one of the best places to be, and this is reflected in the property prices. So, if it’s a special quality location you are looking for Moraira and Javea offers this in abundance!

If location is not that important and its just a very low cost sunshine holiday home you are looking for, you really need to look elsewhere but be careful! South of Alicante down to Almeria offers lots of low cost holiday homes and this area is well worth a visit. Ideally you need to do your homework before you commit to buying. More help and information can be found on our website Happy Hunting!

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Moraira Estate Agents

Moraira Marina

Moraira Marina

Although Moraira and Javea are small towns, there are over 140 registered estate agents offering properties for sale.

Passing by the many shop windows, one would think that there is an abundance of property deals to be had! Don’t be fooled, first impressions can be very misleading.

Nearly all property stock on the market is non exclusive. This means it can be for sale with any number of estate agents.

Over time prices are, more often than not, reduced by the vendor with one or maybe two agents but not with them all.

It is a common occurrence to see varying prices, especially on the internet. Indeed, unless the estate agents are informed or have the resources to keep their website bang up to date, you never really see a true picture.

It is often that what you see may have been reduced, withdrawn or sold.

With so many estate agents around where does one begin?

How much time do you really have?

How do you know you are getting the best deal?

The simple answer is that you don’t and probably won’t, unless you do it everyday for a living and are expert property finders with your finger on the pulse!

It’s a whole new ball game here in Spain. It’s not regulated like it is in the UK and you are vulnerable. There are many things the buyer needs to be aware of.

Make no mistake here, it is a very time consuming job to get it right. Our buying guide may help you but for more information you ought to have a chat with us.

As property finders, we work for the purchaser, seeking out and selecting properties worth while from over one hundred estate agents. Property for sale in Moraira and property for sale in Javea are very popular choices.

If you want to have the “pick of the crop” then you really ought to consider our property finding services. Happy hunting.

More information can be found on this website.

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Moraira Villa Letting

Le Dauphin restaurant El Portet!

Le Dauphin restaurant El Portet!

Successful property letting

• What makes a property easy to let?

• Who will take care of everything for me?

• How many weeks can I be sure to let, and how much profit will I make?

• What are all the costs and local taxes going to be?

Location is the single most important thing holiday-makers look for when booking a holiday. Everybody has different requirements (some want to party all night, some want peace and quiet), so it is important to promote accurately what the location has to offer in terms of amenities, entertainment and natural beauty.

The second most important consideration is the type of accommodation. Private villas with own pool are a popular choice, but so are apartments in the middle of town, especially if they have a pool.

Some properties provide excellent earning potential and attract many repeat bookings; yet some properties are simply not commercially viable and these need to be avoided – whether you are letting or not – as this will undoubtedly have a substantial impact on the future saleability and the eventual return on your investment.

As property finding experts, we will be able to find the ideal property investment for you. So, “what makes a good property investment”?

Once you have bought, turning it into a lucrative property letting business is another hurdle and needs to be carefully thought through. It’s easy to get it wrong and ideally, you need advice from people with experience. You need to think about the running costs in addition to your Mortgage re-payments or, if you are a cash buyer, the amount of interest you could get on your capital elsewhere.

If you require further advice contact us on this website.

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Property Services in Moraira

Moraira Property Services!

Moraira Property Services!

The purchase of a new villa or apartment in Moraira or Javea will require ongoing services. We provide a comprehensive range of after-sales services appropriate to your particular needs.

We have a wealth of established reputable contacts for property sevices in Moraira, covering every aspect of property management and maintenance.

Here are just some of the essential services we provide on a regular basis:

Villa letting, changeovers, pool maintenance, key holding, gardening, landscaping, irrigation, plumbing, electrical work, architects, building projects, bathrooms, kitchens, air conditioning, feature fireplaces, log burning stoves, cheap log suppliers, painting and decorating, double glazing, interior design, furniture suppliers, security gates, window grills and alarm systems.

There are many offering such services but knowing whom are reliable is another hurdle! We can help steer towards the ones that have earnt a good reputation.

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Javea Property for Sale

5 Bedroom Montgo Villa, 1,366,000 EUR

5 Bedroom Montgo Villa, 1,366,000 EUR

A quality 5 bed Montgo villa for sale. 440M2 build on a 2170 M2 plot. The backdrop of the Montgo is simply stunning!

This spacious Javea Montgo property is totally private and yet only a few minutes walk from a supermarket, medical centre and bus stop .

The Montgo Villa is on 2 levels, internally linked via a large decorative staircase and comprises 4 double bedrooms (2 ensuite), family bathroom, 3 reception rooms, large modern kitchen and laundry and a separate apartment with 1 double bedroom, shower room,kitchenette and living room.

Outside the naya and summer kitchen add another 92 sqm of covered living space and lead onto the 10×5 pool . The garden has been professionally landscaped and has a fish pond and lighting.

During the reform the following services/features were upgraded : electrics, plumbing, wall and floor tiles, sanitary ware and pool. The extensive and tasteful modernisation of this property must be seen to be fully appreciated. For further more detailed information on this property please enquire on this website. There are many Javea properties for sale.

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Gardening in Moraira

Here are just a few pictures of the flowers in our Moraira garden during October!

Yellow Margarita

Yellow Margarita



Lantana Spanish Flag

Lantana Spanish Flag





Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise

I planted this Bird of Paradise plant in our garden nearly two years ago. Although we have had no flowers, to our suprise, It has just flowered and what a beautiful flower indeed. The climate here in Moraira on the Costa Blanca allows gardening enthusiast to be, well, very enthusiastic! It’s one thing buying a villa but to have a nice garden as well is another. We are in October now and the weather here in Moraira is wonderfull, still short’s and t-shirts! It’s at this time of year, after the heat of August, gardens are coming into flower.

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El Portet Villa for Sale

10 min walk to El Portet beach! A rare opportunity to buy a fantastic 5 bed villa in El Portet. For more information regarding this El Portet villa please contact us via this website.

El Portet Villa

5 Bedroom Villa in El Portet, € 995,000

Dining room.

Sea View

Sea View.

Finding the right property is a very time consuming task, especially with so many estate agents. Our Moraira and Javea based business provides a unique and comprehensive property finding service, saving you the time and effort. There are many things buyers need to be aware of.

We concentrate our efforts, finding villas for sale in Javea and villas for sale in Moraira

See our testimonials and feel free to make contact with them as they are all satisfied clients who have used and experienced our services to find their dream property and saved thousands in the process!

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