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Mon 22 Oct 2007

Moraira Villa with Sea View!

Moraira Villa with Sea View!

Why buy property in Moraira?

Spain has many areas of development for the holiday home and retirement market. Predominantly, these areas have been, and still are, concentrated along the coastlines. Most coastal towns are high-rise and the surrounding areas are extensively built-up. Some areas are failing due to the over development of housing estates. The media has had a field day! But we must not tarnish the whole of Spain with this brush as there are some very wealthy, desirable and established areas that will always remain popular.

Moraira and Javea on the Costa Blanca are the exceptions, with strong local government which is committed to ensuring that they remain un-spoilt by over-development.

Spain’s biggest asset by far for the northern European is the sunny climate and the outdoor, healthy lifestyle that this encourages. The Costa Blanca is internationally recognised by the World Health Organisation as one of the healthiest climates in the world!

A healthy place to live, lower cost of living, good food, fine wine, stronger family values and diverse cultures that are steeped in tradition offer something special for us to explore and enjoy.

Moraira and also Javea support our basic requirements for healthcare, safety, clean streets, blue flag beaches, ongoing local investment and effective policing, all are major influences.

It’s no wonder thousands of northern Europeans want to buy property in Spain and this trend is set to continue well into the future. Moraira and Javea are sophisticated, well-established and highly desirable areas, which tick all these boxes and more besides.

When we think about buying a property abroad, we may or may not decide to compromise, relative to how much we want to spend. Will a bargain holiday or retirement home in Bulgaria, for example, offer us the standard of living we are used to, the quality of life we enjoy and work hard to maintain, and the way in which we prefer to socialise and integrate. These are key factors when deciding upon the area and infrastructure which promotes the lifestyle we seek or are already accustomed to.

To put it bluntly, when it comes to buying property, as with any other purchase, the larger the budget the more choice you have. If your budget permits, we are sure you will choose Moraira property or Javea property!

The Moraira and Javea area is simply one of the best places to be, and this is reflected in the property prices. So, if it’s a special quality location you are looking for Moraira and Javea offers this in abundance!

If location is not that important and its just a very low cost sunshine holiday home you are looking for, you really need to look elsewhere but be careful! South of Alicante down to Almeria offers lots of low cost holiday homes and this area is well worth a visit. Ideally you need to do your homework before you commit to buying. More help and information can be found on our website Happy Hunting!

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