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October 9th Fiesta

The 9th October across the whole of the Valencian Community is fiesta day, approximately from Torrevieja to Valencia.

Most of the shops will be closed, also some public offices.

This is to celebrate the liberation of the Valencians 770 years ago. There will be fireworks and various bands playing in many towns.

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Bioparc Valencia

There is a new Safari Park opened in Valencia which is probably as near to Africa as you can get without going there. It begins at the river bed at Campanar where there is a new white bridge across the lake and there are boats shaped like swans which families can enjoy. Across the bridge the area looks like an African Safari and there are paths leading to different animal enclosures.

In the first area there are zebras, rhinos and ostriches living as if in the wild and the whole area is full of large rocks, red dust on the ground and masses of foliage including acacia trees.

The Bioparc is as open as possible with animals walking round the visitors. The area is very safe as there are deep moats to stop the animals charging and escaping.

The bird enclosure is full of African birds, including the guinea ford and hamerkop.

There are giraffes, flamingos, lions, hippos, water hogs and in the caves are tortoises, scorpions and lots more.

There are also picnic areas, cafes with thatched roofs and here you are at the water·s edge.

The Biopar is open Mondays to Fridays from 10.00 – 17.30 and weekends from 10.00 – 18.30. The telephone number is 902 250 340

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The Fallas

The fiesta of Las Fallas is one of Valencias most famous. This fiesta began hundreds of years ago with carpenters who worked by candle light in the dark winter nights. In the 18th century the carpenters would make figures and dress them, paint their faces and, to celebrate St. Joseph·s day , 19th March, burn them, and have bon fires. By the 18th century the figures had begun to imitate local people and the villagers built platforms where they placed the figures. As the people became more inventive the figures were made into scenes, and made fun of local famous people.

The town of Valencia is where most of the fallas are shown, and today there are over 300 of them dotted around the whole town. The fiesta begins at the beginning of March with a firework display and there is a display every day around 2.0 p.m. On the 17th and 18th March there are flower displays from 4.0 p.m. onwards and thousands of Valencians take part in the procession carrying flowers There are firework displays on the 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th at 1.0 a.m. in the old riverbed in Valencia. On the 19th March, the last day of the fiesta, all the fallas are burnt, starting at l0.0 p.m. with the children·s fallas and the last one is burnt in the town hall square at 01.00 a.m. Throughout this fiesta there are many processions, concerts, and balloon games.

It is possible to go on a coach tour for the day to see the fallas, these are advertised in local papers or the Tourist Office would have information.

The nearest and less tiring way to see the fallas is a visit to Denia. Here again, these are dotted all around the town, and there are similar processions and fireworks. Details can be obtained from the Tourist Office in Denia. There is a large car park at the top of the town, near the Mercadona roundabout and it is advisable to park here and walk as the town gets very crowded and parking can be a problem.

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A Day In Valencia

Oceanographic Centre, Valencia

Oceanographic Centre, Valencia

For anyone living or holidaying in Moraira a day in Valencia is fascinating. The best way to get there is either to catch a boat from Benissa or to drive to Xeraco train station, one stop past Gandia and park your car, it is very easy to park here, and catch the train.
There are some beautiful shops in the city, the main area being Calle Colon and Gran Via Marques Turia. Whilst in this vicinity take the opportunity to catch a light breakfast in the beautifully refurbished Mercado de Colon. This magnificent structure now covers a number of smart modern cafes within its courtyard. Whilst in this area you will find the Museo de Bellas Artes, 9 Calle San Pio. Stroll around the lush gardens before taking in the works of some of Spains finest painters, Velazquez, Goya, El Greco, etc.

Also worth visiting is the Barrio del Carmen, full of winding streets with boutiques.

At the north west of the historic centre is the imposing IVAM, Calle Guillem de Castro, the premier centre for modern arts.

In the afternoon visit the Jardines del Turias, a 10 km stretch of cultivated dried out river bed of the once flood-prone River Turia, this now verdant stream of manicured gardens flows south towards the port, incorporating sports fields, cycle paths, modernist architecture and cafes.

Spend some time at the Ciudad de las Artes de las Ciencas, a monumental area full of interest.

For a less tiring day you can take a trip on the open top bus around the City, getting off and on wherever it takes you fancy.

The oceanographic centre is well worth a visit. It’s an amazing under Ocean world and you walk through it. There is lots to see and they also have a Dolphin show.

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