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Life In Spain

I thought this news blog would be useful to those out there that may be single and wondering how on earth they are going to find love and companionship again.

If you happen to be a happily married ex pat couple living in Spain enjoying the outdoor lifestyle all well and good. But what about when relationships go wrong or you find yourself alone for another reason? What then? How do you you meet new people especially if you left the bar & club scene behind years ago!

Many join various organisations like social activity and interest groups. This is a good start to begin building your own network of friends and who knows you may find someone you really like. But what if you have done all these things and everyone you meet that you like seems to be spoken for? Nothing worse than going home alone all the time. The friends you have try to help match make for you but this is usually very limited. The other day I came across a website that specialises in Dating In Spain

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