New Foreign Office in Altea

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There will be a new foreign office for expatriates due to open this summer in Altea This is hoping to cut queues at the Alicante and Valencia offices and is at present under construction in Calle San Isidro Labrador.

Spanish Property Market

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The Spanish property market has been experiencing difficult times over the past couple of years and many Estate agents have gone out of business and many more are set to follow. The exchange rates for sterling are at an all time low against the euro ...

To Buy or Not to Buy?

Buying Property

To buy, or not to buy? – that is the question. Especially when some of the UK media are reporting that property in Spain is overpriced by 30%, that thousands of properties are empty, prices are falling, developers are going bust, and Spanish building...

Moraira Villa Letting


Le Dauphin restaurant El Portet! Successful property letting • What makes a property easy to let? • Who will take care of everything for me? • How many weeks can I be sure to let, and how much profit will I make? • What are all the costs and local t...

Property Services in Moraira


Moraira Property ServicesWe can help steer towards the ones that have earnt a good reputation.