Gardening in Moraira

Sat 3 Jan 2009

Moraira Poinsettia

Moraira Poinsettia

This is a beautifully dramatic red plant which is very popular at Christmas. The red plant is the most common but there are similar varieties with very pale green and white leaves, or pink leaves which are also very attractive. They make good house or naya plants and need feeding during their flowering season. The poinsettia likes plenty of light and warm temperatures. Once it has produced its coloured leaves it is happy with temperatures around 10 degrees centigrade.
If the plant is kept indoors it likes plenty of light but total darkness at night.

There is also an outdoor poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima) which grows into quite a large tree of up to 10 feet.

These plants are readily available in most garden centres.

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