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Property For Sale In Javea

6 bedroom Villa in Javea

Convenientely located within a very short walk of the Ermita Supermarket and cafe, this impressive villa for sale on the Montgo is just a short drive to La Sella golf or th…

Ref: 651280
3 bedroom Villa in Javea

Traditional style detached villa project in La Cala de Javea urbanization.The villa occupies a plot of land of 1005 m2, the property consisting of 180 m2 of accommodation d…

Ref: 650106
7 bedroom Villa in Javea

This high quality property ideal for a large family holidays, a home or rental is a 7 bedroomed, 6 bathroom + WC with construction of 568M2 set on a 3080M2 plot A magnifice…

Ref: 649050
3 bedroom Apartment in Javea

Exclusive apartment in a well-known complex in Jávea and where you can walk to all amenities, including the sandy arenal beach. We find an apartment on the first floor, whi…

Ref: 648575
3 bedroom Villa in Javea

Conveniently located in the area of Pinosol, close to the beach area and walking distance to a selection of amenities and restaurants, this contemporary style 3 bedroom 3 …

Ref: 647867
4 bedroom Villa in Javea

This recently renovated villa has come to the market with a fresh makeover but keeping all the classic features in place of a traditional Spanish Villa, a very sympathetic…

Ref: 647808
3 bedroom Villa in Javea

New build villa for sale in Javea in the La Cala urbanisation. Its location in the pine forest on the road leading to the Cao de la Nao lighthouse perfectly suits the warm,…

Ref: 647587
3 bedroom Apartment in Javea

Opportunity three bedroom apartment for sale in the town of Javea with a large terrace, interior patio and storage room. Ideal for families or people who want to live all y…

Ref: 647337
2 bedroom Villa in Javea

In a highly desired area in Jávea due to its proximity to everything and where tranquility is breathed, we find this beautiful villa completely renovated and with all possi…

Ref: 647336

Over the years many people have come and gone from Javea and continue to do so. Javea offers a wonderful coastline and remains a highly desirable destination to enjoy with the family.

Property for sale in Javea

Over the past four years the majority of property owners that have had to sell for unforeseen circumstances have already done so. This leaves many that are not that desperate to sell, so they either remove it from the market or continue to attract buyers until a fair offer is eventually made. If not they may simply stay put and sit it out.

If needs must they always have the option to let it out over the summer period whilst enjoying some cooler weather back in their native country or even renting a cheaper apartment not too far away whilst their main property collects the income from the peak season. Other than that I guess it's not too difficult to enjoy the sunshine, blue skies and easy way of life here whilst they wait for a buyer.

With numerous estate agents one must wonder if the crisis is that bad because how come so many are still in business? The answer is simple the majority survive because there continues to be new customers, otherwise it would be curtains for all in a very short time. Europe is a big place and there are many different nationalities that are buying and continue to do so, especially from the Eurozone. This has continued to happen regardless of the crisis and enough to support the many property agents. In fact the crisis makes savers very nervous and they naturally look for safe havens. What could be better than a property for sale in Javea? Something the whole family can enjoy and look forward to, plus it's income bearing far more than any savings in some investment bank. So it certainly is not a bad idea providing one has enough liquidity or income stream to maintain their chosen lifestyle.

That has basically been and continues to be the mindset of buyers regardless of the crisis. More recently modern new builds in great locations have been in great demand and many builders are busy with high end properties built to an exact specification.

At the other end of the spectrum there are many resale property bargains in Javea that consistently sell every week. Only the properties that do not have a realistic price tag, compared to others, stay for sale longer. They basically become a run around for most agents in order to justify a really good deal they may have shown their client before hand.

In my opinion if a vendor really wants to sell their property then they would be best to view similar properties on the pretence to buy then they can see first hand what chances they really have of selling it at the price they have in mind. They would be very surprised at how the market has changed and what you can get for your money today if one does the research. It would also be worth while paying a bank to value your property as that is ultimately what they end up doing if someone needs a mortgage! The problem is there are more properties for sale than buyers and there is always someone somewhere near by that is willing to negotiate or, in the first instance, advertise their property at a realistic price.

It's a buyers market and they look at many properties to establish what represents true value. So to avoid tyre kickers and time wasters it might well be worth thinking what is actually the reality gap between buyer and seller expectations. If a property has been for sale for over 12 months there has got to be something wrong with the price, property or both because there has been hundreds of properties sold over that same period of time in all price bands in Javea and surrounding areas.

Finding quality property is something we specialise in and are very experienced at. In the  ten years we have been operating we have built up a massive network of contacts and property agents. Our many clients have found our services crucial to their needs. We hope we can provide you with our expertise soon!

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