Apartments in Javea

If you are seriously looking to buy an apartment in Javea it can be a time consuming task, especially if you only have a week or so to find something. On the other hand you could use the services of a professional property finder!

Apartments in Javea

Many are not aware of this kind of service as most people living in their home town would normally find things themselves with local estate agents. This process usually takes months before you find something. Having your feet on the ground here in Spain and understanding the local property market in Javea and Moraira is a whole new ball game, consequently the independent services of a property finder has risen to new heights over recent years and is invaluable service you should seriously consider if you want to cover the market. An expert property finder will be constantly working with all estate agents (about 30 in Javea alone!) plus the ones off the beaten track, which surprisingly, often have some real gems! So in essence a property finder will get to see more apartments in javea than the individual estate agents in javea, meaning they are well placed to advise you what’s worth looking at, saving you time and cost with their cherry picking process.

There are many apartments for sale in javea and most of them will be for sale with several javea estate agents. Unlike the UK this practice is common place here in Spain. The problem arises when the vendor reduces the price with one agent and not the rest! This is why you will often see it on numerous websites at different prices. An apartment for sale in javea at 275,000 could be easily 250,000 elsewhere, so when you come to put in your offer price of 245,000 you may have been able to get for less!

Property finders have their finger on the pulse as it’s their job, so it’s wise to use their services instead of trawling around. The services are also free to use, so don’t believe anyone if they say it will cost you more. In most cases a property finder will be able to help you structure the negotiations properly to obtain the best price for your apartment in Javea.

Property finders earn from the sales fees charged to the vendor by the estate agent and once we have demonstrated how effective our services are we know you will stay with us until we find something worth while. But don’t just take our word for it feel free to ask any of our past clients that have written us a testimonial.Contact us today to talk about your property requirements, or search online for your apartment for sale in Javea.

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