Bargain Property Moraira

Initially when prospective purchasers start to look for bargain property in Moraira, they usually start searching on the internet and in most cases use the Google search engine because Google control over 90% of the market! There are various search terms used like "bargain property for sale in Moraira", "distressed property for sale Moraira" and  "property repossessions Moraira". The search term variations are plentiful but the actual number of genuine Moraira property bargains are not!

Bargain Property Moraira

In fact not many properties in Moraira have been repossessed apart from the ones that have not sold and are with vendors that can't service their debt any longer. The question is why do so many properties sell without being repossessed whilst others don't. You can find answers to this and more on our Bargain property Javea page. But read on for now as the plot thickens!

With Moraira being so small there are far fewer properties for sale compared to Javea. Moraira simply does not have the same land mass, so will always remain small which is one of the reasons why prices in Moraira are generally much higher due to the scarcity of quality properties at a similar price level to that of larger areas. Moraira has indeed had price corrections over the crisis years but has remained rather more insulated than other areas of Spain due to the "scarcity" of  quality properties at a bargain price. Moraira's quaint and highly desirable nature helps protect ones investment which is good news for the buyer.

Locating, Buying and Affording your Property in Moraira

They say location is everything so take a closer look at Moraira before you do anything else. If you are serious about buying, with our help we can deliver you a quality bargain property.

It's funny how we have all been conditioned to take on debt when buying a property on the basis that it's going to be worth more when we sell it. We also justify the purchase by saving wasted rent and being able to modify to our taste. As we all know it's not always worth more when we come to sell it. So it's more of a gamble and comes with substantial risk. The exit route is far more complex than say disposing of shares. It's no different in that respect to share prices which are based upon supply and demand.

We seem too eager to take on debt and we must not forget that we are in the hands of the bankers and the money supply they control.

In contrast to property, we don't expect to make a profit on our cars do we? It's just something we enjoy having and some cars cost as much as houses and are not income bearing unless it's some form of public transport. Generally speaking though, properties are a much bigger outlay for most but then a lot of that is usually debt, big risk and big losses if it goes wrong. On the other hand we accept even bigger losses in percentage terms on new cars. Walking out of the showroom with a new car we lose circa 25% and then further depreciation each year. Many have two cars! So big losses but much enjoyment.

Expansion of the money supply, together with easy lending, creates a boom and high property prices ensue due to the increased demand borne out of easy lending. When banks then decide to contract the money supply and squeeze credit, property values plummet due to the over inflated prices the system has created which has been fuelled by us!

In my opinion this is all by design and not by mistake as it's a debt based monetary system driven by a big bonus culture that we are now all too familiar with. No selling of debt means no bonuses, commissions or interest. That's why we had 100% plus mortgages on "interest only" for life! It was like a frenzy to get one but even the banks knew it would one day fail. People were duped into a false sense of profit reality that was driven by our own greed. We looked upon our properties as the ideal way of making easy money whilst living in it just like the bankers spotted the opportunity to make money for themselves. So we are all responsible for our own actions. Hindsight is an amazing subject!

A few years ago the dream for an average person was buying a holiday home in the sun to enjoy with their family and even rent it out to cover some basic cost. Much of this dream and property boom was again a consequence of easy credit. Since then, due to the contraction of easy lending, the dream has gone for many and for few has been clouded by all the uncertainty and associated risk. This is why we have seen significant price reductions due to the lack of demand. But not all areas are the same and one has to distinguish between them and remember that whilst this crisis has been happening there have been thousands of properties purchased each year.

A Clear Perspective on your Property Investment in Moraira

Regardless, we wait until we think it's at the bottom of the cycle thus reducing the risk of losses. How long do people wait or could they be saying the same thing in 5 or 10 years time?  The fact is that many will never buy because of this reason or another. The people that do buy are obviously cautious but very passionate about what they want for their enjoyment and lifestyle. A persons need to live or holiday in the sun  has given them enough reason to come to terms that this crisis is not going to go away for a long time and that there will always be some risk attached to buying a property.

Meanwhile what about our life and enjoyment or do we wait for ever? An interesting response to the question I once raised about the crisis, having spoken to many property purchasers, was - "now seems a good time to buy whilst we are young enough to enjoy it. We can't take it with us and what we leave behind will hopefully be worth more to our family in the future than what it is today!"

I thought this was a very appropriate and interesting comment which stimulated the creation of this very web page 2012.

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