Dear Anthony and Sally,                   October 2014

We are truly grateful for all the help and advice you gave us leading up to our purchasing this wonderful villa.
No matter how long we spent on the internet we had to get here to see the real thing. We were impressed from the start with Sally’s warmth and attention to detail; she responded quickly to questions, however trivial. When we arrived for a look around, there was Anthony full of smiles and brimming with sound advice. We were so grateful that he stuck to our wishlist. The difference with using Spanish Property Sales is that you are the only client whereas the Estate Agents are working for the vendor too. Anthony put it in a nutshell when he told us that his job was to ensure we understood the compromises and to avoid any that would be detrimental to the future desirability and value of the property.  Anthony took us all around the area so we could get a better picture of where the properties were in relation to the town. Sally worked furiously organising the logistics of viewings and agents with their keys. It is very impressive how well the agents relate so well to them.
There was never any hard sell just good advice and, best of all, Anthony drove the final bargain getting us a great deal!

Thanks for all you have done for us, see you in Moraira.

Andy and Sharon