For anyone looking to buy property in Moraira or Javea.

We started looking for a place in Spain about 3 years ago, initially in the Oliva/Gandia region. We visited that area once with an agent and then broadened our search to get a better idea of what was available.

We found Spanish Property Sales (or Anthony and Sally) on the web about a year afterwards. Sally explained that unlike the other agents, they were property finders, who work on behalf of the buyer and not the vendor. So we explained what we were looking for (or what we though we were looking for!) and Sally put together an initial list of properties to view.

We then organised a viewing trip and when we arrived in Spain, Anthony took over. He picked us up in the morning from where we were staying and took us to around a dozen or so carefully selected properties over that first weekend.

We didn’t really know much of the area at first, but soon got the feel for the various parts (Partidas) whilst touring around with Anthony. We repeated the process of building a shortlist and viewing properties another 2 or 3 times over the next year and got a better idea of what we wanted, and fixed more closely on our preferred area (Moraira).

After one of the weekends, we put an offer in on a bungalow, but negotiations didn’t conclude in a sale, as the vendor did not accept our revised offer.

This is where Anthony and Sally’s advice was crucial. They advised us that they thought our offer was more than reasonable and advised us to keep on looking. Anthony was optimistic he would find us something. We really appreciated the fact that we were never put under any pressure to buy with Anthony and Sally, despite the fact that we must have put a few extra miles on Anthony’s car during our various trips.

Sure enough, a few months and one viewing trip later, Sally found us the villa that we now own. I’m glad the first sale didn’t go through, as what we have now is better in just about every way.