27th December 2008

Dear Anthony & Sally,

Thank you so much for your help in purchasing our lovely Spanish villa. Sally’s initial help in finding out exactly what we wanted and then forwarding suitable property details was a life-line in a mine field. Her advice on different areas was very useful and everything was done so quickly. She arranged all the viewings with the different agents which was a new experience for us as we had always done this ourselves in the past which was never easy. We would have wasted a lot of time looking at unsuitable properties in the wrong areas without Sally’s help.

When we arrived in Spain it was so good to have Anthony driving us to the villas we had chosen to view and showing us the different areas. Not having to navigate ourselves, we were able to relax and take everything in.

When we decided to buy the villa Anthony made it so easy by visiting the Bank and Solicitors for us and advising how to obtain NIE numbers. We were also grateful to be taken to the Notary’s Office on the final day of completion.

You are still helping us out and we appreciate everything.

With Kind Regards,

Paul and Carol Evenden.