Dear Anthony & Sally, 2015

I recently completed on my first Spanish property purchase in Moraira and I couldn’t be happier. For me it is a long held dream come true and I don’t think this testimonial will adequately express just how grateful I am to Anthony and Sally.

From my very first interaction they both impressed. Sally worked really hard to understand what I was looking for, which was no mean feat in itself, and she was straight on the case short listing a number of properties I had spotted on their website but also a number of others that she thought would suit me. The baton was then handed over to Anthony to conduct the majority of the viewings. During the viewings Anthony would keep my feet on the ground pointing out key aspects to consider such as orientation, state of repair, state of wiring, service charges etc. Even when I saw ‘the one’ he still encouraged me to see the rest of the planned viewings to make sure I was sure.

Both he and Sally truly give a 360º view of the property giving you the facts needed to make the right choice. The property I chose required a complete renovation so prior to making an offer Anthony made sure that I knew exactly what I was getting myself into. Anthony arranged for a local builder to give an estimate for the work required and made sure that I was clear of the charges that would apply on the purchase but also through the lifecycle of owning the property.

Anthony managed the offer process and arranged for a lawyer to meet with me (on a Sunday) which provided me with invaluable support. Hours of their time was given to me and I always got the sense that they were trying to do their best for me, never rushing me – it felt personal.

What was, and still is, abundantly clear to me is that they both have a solid local network and are respected by the local estate agents. There is no pushiness, no hidden agendas, they don’t ‘own the stock’ or the backlogs the estate agents have, so there is no ulterior motive, there are no hard sales targets that an estate agent may be incentivised to meet. The fact that they are independent and have made the move themselves is really key.

They have experienced what their clients are experiencing. I think what I want to get across is that buying a ‘place in the sun’ is special. It’s exciting for me, it’s a dream and a luxury that was also ambitious and taking this time to consider the experience really underlines the uniqueness of their services.

When buying a property in your own country you are more self sufficient and more aware. You can drive by at different times of the day and week, make arrangements to measure up whilst you wait to complete. When buying abroad that is not always possible, so you really need a pair of eyes and ears to help with this. If you then add in the fact that the legal and fiscal system is different and you have to open a Euro bank account, arrange currency conversion, raise finance, obtain NIE numbers, get tax advice and make a will for your Spanish asset, often having to deal with this in a language you may not have full capability in, you need professionals that you can trust. It’s not as easy as it’s made to look on the TV. Anthony and Sally have helped me through all these aspects, leveraging their trusted and proven independent network and thus taking the stress and uncertainty out of the process. How many traditional estate agents would do this?

Their service offering doesn’t just end with the sale. Anthony is currently overseeing and project managing the renovations on my apartment. He has helped me with suppliers, found me a great builder and even now both he and Sally are offering advice with the final stages with things like heating and wifi.

They are true local market experts in every sense and provide a full end to end service – they find your dream property and then support you every step of the way until you can sit back, admire the view and enjoy with a glass of wine or two! Move over Kirsty & Phil, Jonnie & Jasmine et al!

Anthony and Sally, I am so grateful and simply cannot recommend Spanish Property Sales enough.

Emma Johnson