Dear Anthony & Sally,

We have been coming to Moraira, on and off, for the past 20 years – and are delighted that the local Council has resisted any temptation it may have had, to turn it into some kind of Benidorm or Calpe.

Of course there have been many changes during those years, but in the main they have been changes that have retained the village atmosphere.

As a consequence, when we decided to retire to the sunshine, it was the first location on our list, and we trawled the Internet for estate agents who could find us a dream property. Sadly, those that bothered to respond to our enquiry didn’t talk to us to find out what we wanted as our new home. Many properties featured, we soon discovered, were in fact no longer available to us, having some months earlier been sold. They were just bolstering their property lists

Then we saw the website of Spanish Property Sales, and the speedy response to our enquiry started with a phone discussion about our needs. In no time at all they had helped us build a description of an ideal property for our retirement. They explained they would now search for such properties through their many estate agent contacts. They further explained, that in the event of us making a purchase through them, their fee would be met by the state agent concerned. At no time, would there be any charge to us for the services they provide.

Before long, we were in Moraira looking at the properties they had suggested would fit the bill. Sally Bloom took the time to listen to what we had to say, rather than decide what we should be saying. Her guidance was useful and impartial. Anthony Bloom took us around to the properties selected for viewing, and again the guidance given was invaluable. In fact, we are now happily living in one of them.

Yours sincerely
Brian & Lynn Clark.