Jan 2015

Dear Sally and Anthony,

I’m writing this from Trinidad (work) and reflecting on just how happy both Marie and I are with our new home in Javea, the help which you both gave us was invaluable and we shall always be indebted. Were we prepared for compromises ? Possibly many, though,through your diligence and research, I cannot think of one that we had to make.

Having spent 3 years renting in Javea, we believed we knew what our new home was going to look like and in which area but ,as I’m sure you experience regularly, we did not know and our minds changed…..daily!!. Not once did Sally falter when our original “wish list” altered (beyond recognition!!) and not even a raised brow from Anthony when I would not even enter a property because I knew my good wife would not be able to park the car !!

Unlike estate agents who clearly want to sell their own listed “stock”, SPS want to sell you the right property. Whilst I blundered around seduced by the sun, quirky Spanish bathrooms, rustic wooden windows etc. much to my benefit Anthony would then highlight the many shortcomings of a property, whether it be poor orientation, single glazing, re-wirings, new kitchens or new bathrooms, Anthony would clarify the reality of what was wrong with these properties relative to the asking price and just what rectification was needed and at what cost and indeed if it was worth while! This enabled us to establish value for money and avoid making classic mistakes. There was never any pressure or feeling that you were using up too much of their time. In fact, it felt like they wanted to be part of our journey to get the right property.

So, having moved in, had time to settle, reflect and absorb, it’s now time to put our stamp on the house. Again, Anthony has taken and introduced me to builders, granite suppliers, trade kitchen depots and also shown me their completed products. You really have provided a full service, which has been both professional and personal.

Thank you both.

Darren & Marie