March 2013

Just imagine that you are entering completely unaccustomed environment with no experience at all! That is quite an accurate description of a situation in the beginning of our way to the dream villa. Being Russians we were not familiar with any aspect of purchasing villa in Spain. Just burning with the desire to buy villa, some money and … Yes, we were lucky to make the first step into the right direction! After days of investigation in Internet we have decided to choose so-called agent’s scheme. Luckily we have chosen Spanish Property Sales as an agent, the only agent we relied on completely.

The rest of a process was a matter of Sally’s and Anthony’s professionalism that was accompanied a little bit with our luck. It was a really hard work, not an easy journey: to make a short-list, to decrease it, to view all properties from the short-list, to chose the right property. I can not imagine that we do this job without any assistance. But I do not have a lot of unneeded money and time to pay for such experiment with uncertain result!

With Sally’s and Anthony’s assistant we have found a villa of our dream just for one 5-day visit to Javea. Their support was incredible and enlarged over our expectations. They even helped us to choose a reliable lawyer, to open a bank account, to create a furniture inventory, to contact after purchasing service, etc. What valuable were Anthony’s advices concerning villa choosing and maintenance!

Ancient Chinese proverb says that even the longest way starts from the first step. I wish all of you to start your long way to a desired Spanish property from the right first step, relying on Sally’s and Anthony’s support.

Aleksei, Natalia and Sofia,
St.-Petersburg, Russia.