Walk to the Lookout Tower above El Portet

To walk to the tower above El Portet drive to the car park at El Portet and walk down towards the beach. Just before you reach the beach there is a turning on the left hand side, take this road and follow the S.L. (local pathway signs).

These local walks are shown with S.L. and do not exceed 10 kilometres. They have two stripes, one white and one green and indicate both the location and the direction of pathways.

Where the path divides in two continue towards “Cova de la Sendra”. Here there is a steep slope, do not leave this path as it is a protected area for flora. There is a variety of shrubs and plants, rosemary, heather, esparto grass etc. all of which must be respected.

At the end of this steep slope we reach a flat area where the pathway divides in two, to the left it descends towards the “Cova de la Sendra”, a steep slope. To the right the path continues on a plain towards the “Torre Vigia” (look out tower).

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