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Tue 30 Jun 2009

2 bed semi Moraira community property

2 bed semi Moraira community property

Community Pool

Community Pool

Detached Villas in Moraira or Javea, within their own grounds and with a swimming pool are the most popular choice for property seekers. Although far more expensive than most community properties, they tend to be wanted more because they usually have a much larger plot with a private pool and with more than adequate boundaries from neighboring properties providing a little more privacy. Ideal for family holidays. Letting potential for a private villa is usually in greater demand with higher returns.
That said, the rates are higher, annual taxes higher and the maintenance is higher and unless you are living there, will require a pool cleaner and a gardener.

Community Property

For those that require a very reasonably priced holiday home or a very low maintenance permanent home with low running cost, it might be worth while considering a quality community property in [Moraira Costa Blanca](// Detached or semi detached, there’s always a choice. [Great example here](//

If you do your homework you can usually find excellent properties within a well managed community. Usually with a very large swimming pool that you would not get with a typical villa and with large beautiful gardens as well. The annual community fees will cover all cost associated with keeping the communal areas in tip top condition, like the pool, gardens, lighting etc.. so it’s always nice on your arrival.

It’s very simple to come and go as you please. They also let reasonably well because they are much more affordable than private villas especially with the recent credit crunch!

Some people don’t like the idea of a shared pool, however many do and enjoy the fun and interaction that a shared pool of good size provides, especially if you have children.

Community property owners also benefit from the fact that more often than not, there are some full time residents.
Many are only too glad to help out with keeping an eye on things, giving you peace of mind in your absence.

There is usually a very helpful community spirit and it’s nice to have some neighbours nearby when you need them.
Everyone respects each others privacy and of course the all important community rules that help protect your investment!

For example if next-door wanted to paint their villa pink or put up a scruffy looking garden shed, subject to the community rules agreed, they could not. Each community makes their own rules so it is worth while understanding these before you buy. Pool safety is usually paramount.

Every year communities have an AGM to discuss how the community is managed, maintained and what is required. Everybody can have a say and vote. The elected president ensures all is done as per the majority vote.

See this link for more information on [buying a Moraira property](//

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