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Wed 23 Feb 2011

The end of February 2011 is drawing in and before writing another news blog again, we thought we would see what kind of start to the New Year we, and many others, would have as far as the Moraira property market is concerned.

Looking back and having had a very difficult 2009, at the beginning of 2010 we thought the year ahead would be nothing short of a disaster. However, what we did not appreciate was the knock on effect of low bank interest rates and how this would change the mind set of savers.
Throughout 2010 and to our surprise we experienced a glut of cash buyers that seemed to come from nowhere, but they all had one thing in common, they were all removing savings from there banks and wanted to purchase property in Spain to enjoy the dream, which in essence boils right down to a fabulous climate.

Some liked the idea of their asset being income bearing if required and many hoped their investment had a good chance of future capital growth, but most did not really care as it is something to be enjoyed today by all, knowing full well that long term the property/asset will have good upside potential, which is more than one can say about having too much cash lying around. The fact is, most of us seem to be getting less value for cash/money each day.

Consequently, 2010 has turned out to be one of our best years to date and we have had many satisfied customers as a result of our property finding services! We work hard for our clients and manged to find many fantastic properties offering exceptional value for money, whilst avoiding the "lemons”, if you are familiar with this phrase used for poor second hand cars!

Having spoken to many leading estate agents in Moraira, they have all reported increased sales throughout last year, however enquiry levels for most, including ourselves, tended to drop slightly from November to the end of January but this can be put down to the seasonal changes. The good news is that it has gone ballistic again and with so much bad news about it takes a lot of understanding as to why property continues to sell, so we try to make some sense of it all rather than just talk it up for the sake of it.

Regardless of all the doom and gloom we hear on the news, we still have a grab your savings and go long on property mind set/trend, well for Moraira and Javea at least.
Already this year has set new records for us and many others in terms of actual sales not just enquiry levels.

Obviously there are many bargains around, it’s the sign of the times but if there are bargains to be had, we find them as we work with every estate agent in the area and beyond, including those off the beaten track, which surprisingly can have some very tasty properties from time to time!

You still need to be careful though if you want to find a genuine bargain. Many so called bargains can be fundamentally flawed and in most cases have been reduced time and time again. So please be extra careful that you do not make the wrong compromises. You may one day regret what you inherited.

As sure as eggs are eggs, fundamental compromises will rear their head again in the future, especially when you come to sell your property. We help our clients make the right decisions based upon the comprehensive feedback we glean from the expectations of previous clients, that in essence dictate what sells and fundamentally what doesn’t.
We are well placed to advise and drill down every aspect with you, so being open with us is the only worth while policy to have.
Consequently, we have many satisfied customers whom have decided to use our dedicated property finding services, thus saving time, money and in the process buying a property well worth while and one that will always be highly desirable in the future.

There have also been many properties sold in Javea during 2010 and many have reported a busy start to 2011, so it would seem the pattern is similar.
In particular the Dutch have been very busy snapping up many property bargains all over.
We have also seen a significant increase in British clients and we think the trend will continue throughout 2011 from the number of enquiries we are getting from the UK.

We obviously speak to many clients and it would seem the worse it gets in the UK the more disillusioned and unsatisfied the people become and for those lucky enough to afford and enjoy another lifestyle, that’s exactly what they are doing because they realise life is too short and do not wish to wait for the promise of better government, honest banks or sound economics. It’s just not going to happen, well for many years to come at least. This is one of the main reasons why property has been and will continue to be sold, providing it is in a highly desirable location, like Moraira and Javea.

So glad we chose Moraira as a place to live! We are some of the lucky ones but we made it happen.

Until next time happy property hunting.

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