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Mon 12 Oct 2009

Moraira Coast

Moraira Coast

Over the past eight weeks or so many properties have been sold in Moraira. The majority of which have been of low value. Anything under 350,000 euros is considered low value in Moraira. Average is around the 500k mark and you don’t get much for that! Unless you drop lucky.

We speak with many estate agents and the really good properties at low prices seem to be selling fast. If only there were more! There seems to be a big problem finding quality property of low value in Moraira or Javea. Recently we have all been inundated with property hunters many of which go back slightly disappointed and wondering exactly where the recession is around here. That was a comment made to us the other week
from some clients with 500k. Believe me we have experienced 20-30% price reductions on today’s advertised prices. Make’s you think just how easy obtaining money use to be!

And there lies the problem. “Liquidity” not many people have it and not many can raise it to the level required to satisfy their expectations. Those that do have liquidity are chasing the bargains and snapping them up. But what’s a bargain in Moraira’ well if you can get a “quality” 3 – 4 bed villa (not a project) with a good real sea view from pool level on a useable flat plot near to amenities for under 600k you are doing well!! We have several clients wanting just that. So remember a good sea view and that’s nothing wow cost 100-150k minimum. Sea view plots cost upwards of 340,000 euros!

This leads me to a reoccurring problem that we never used to see very much but it is becoming more common because of the low offers some vendors are having to swallow.

Basically once you manage to find your dream home and agree on a price you usually put down a 3000 reservation deposit and then instruct lawyers to do the due diligence etc…This takes a couple of weeks. Meantime the property is still on the market with several other estate agents and if they have a cash buyer wanting to take a look the vendors hardly ever refuse. They try their luck and see if they can get a better offer.

You see it’s only legally binding once the 10% deposit is paid and the private purchase contract signed by both parties. Other than that you can easily get gazumped. Don’t leave it to chance.

To save the heartache there is a very simple way to avoid this. We have just recommended it to a client and it has been done with ease.
Instead of putting down a reservation deposit which doesn’t mean anything in legal terms, you instruct your lawyer to issue with immediate effect a private purchase contract and make it “subject to due diligence”. Then both parties sign it. This now legally means that the vendor would have to pay you back the double if they sell it to someone else!
It’s worth ensuring this common “pay back the double clause” is in the contract.

The 10% deposit is held within a lawyers client account until all the searches have been completed to your satisfaction. If they are good you continue with the purchase. If they show a problem and the problem can not easily be rectified it is within your right to back out of the deal and get your 10% back from the lawyer. You can not back out other than for legal reasons, otherwise you would risk losing your 10% deposit which is understandable because you may have prevented them selling it to someone else..

Lawyers have standard private purchase contracts that can be tweaked accordingly and used. This means within a couple of days you can secure your deal even if a inventory is required!
It’s also worth mentioning title deed insurance It’s new and well worth while for peace of mind. It’s called Safe Purchase Scheme

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