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There are many estate agents in Javea and it is a very time consuming task finding the right properties to view. This is where our expertise and advice, specific to the purchaser, will help you make a well informed decision and avoid the pitfalls and problems, especially when selling your property in the future. Thus realising the full investment potential.

What fundamentals you inherit now may deter a sale in the future, unless you can change them. See our video guide below. When we build a viewing schedule for you, we cover the entire market as we work with all the Javea estate agents as well other online property agents and contacts not in the town. This way we find the best properties for you to see.  See how this can help you

 Javea Estate Agents


On first impression one would think there are tens of thousands of properties for sale. The fact is, there are not that many in reality because each property is usually with multiple estate agents in Javea, so it gives a false impression. There are many price bands which also reduce the seemingly large choice even more.  A well located, quality villa within a price up to 400,000 euros is not that easy to find these days and they tend to need some renovation. Much below this figure the more you will need to spend on them. But be extra carful, you really have to know what makes a worthwhile project, especially if you want your investment back in the future. So we will focus a little more on this so you can make a well informed decision.
For example a north facing property may look like a good bargain but by the time you have paid all the purchase cost and then money renovating it, you will still have a north facing property which are less desirable than a south facing property, so difficult to sell. For summer rentals its not really an issue but for winter rentals it is and if you intend to sit in your north facing naya during the winter you will need a fleece and a coat!  A south facing naya by comparison is much warmer so a T-shirt will suffice. To many steps are also a problem and you can learn far more about the pros & cons with this animated video we made for you the purchaser..
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To many steps If you want to know all the details of the Costa Blanca area an more information and advice  about the properties, get in touch with us.
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