Food and Drink

Mon 2 Jun 2008

This is a fairly new restaurant which has opened on the dual carriageway road, leading from the roundabout by the new Town Hall, on the right hand side..

It is a very reasonably priced restaurant and for just under €10.0 you can help yourself to all the food available. There is a counter of raw foods, salmon, prawns, squid, fish fillets, lamb chops, steaks, chicken and lots of vegetables which you can take to the counter and the chefs will cook it for you in whichever sauce you wish, for example, garlic, Thai curry, black bean, curry and many others.

There is also another counter with ready cooked foods, for example crispy duck, chicken, frogs legs, beef, lamb dishes, rice and noodle dishes and salads.
There are also two or three different types of soup available, plus a very attractive selection of deserts, fresh and tinned fruit, yoghurt and ice creams.

A bottle of house wine is under €7 and there are other wines available at a higher price.

This restaurant is exceptionally good for families with young children as there is no long waiting to be served and the restaurant offers a lower price for children.

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