Life in Spain

Mon 15 Jul 2013

What a cheek!  The UK government is going to stop giving me
a Winter Fuel payment, just because I’ve retired to Spain. Frankly, my dear UK
Gov, I don’t give a damn.

Here in Moraira there’s a
subtropical Mediterranean climate. There are sea breezes cooling the area in
the summer, and the surrounding mountains give protection from cold North winds
during winter. The area enjoys an average of some 3000 hours of sunshine each
year, with an average temperature in excess of 20 degrees centigrade. In most
years, around 300 days of sun can be expected. That’s why I don’t care about
any Winter Fuel Payment.

So, if you are thinking of retiring
to Moraira, don’t you be put off by such mundane matters either. In the recent
past, the World Health Organisation no less, has commended the Moraira climate
as one of the most equitable in the world – neither too hot in the summer nor
too cold in winter.

Of course, no location is perfect.
Sometimes it does rain in Moraira, often in the autumn months. Occasionally, we
get a visit from the Gota Fria then, and that brings very heavy rain for
perhaps a week. So, that’s the time to do those indoor jobs that have been put
off during the summer, when it was too hot to contemplate them.

That’s the great thing about living
in Moraira and living in Spain in general. The cost
of living in Spain vs UK is cheaper
. Of course it will rain sometimes – it
will feel cool sometimes – but you know without a shadow of doubt that very
soon those skies will again be electric blue, and the sun will shine once more.

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