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Fri 4 Jul 2014

In 2009, there was a Council budget
deficit of 1,123,000 euros. .A surplus has been reported for 2013 – a massive
one of some 1.8 million euros. Well done to all within the Teulada-Moraira

The town council debt at 2010 stood
at 11 million euros, but this will be reduced to the planned level of 5 million
euros, by the end of 2014. The debt is now at 38%, well below the legally
permitted 75%. This is due in no small part to the 2013 performance.

The mayor, Senor Antoni Joan
Bertomeu, has stated that these results were possible because of strict
adherence to budgets by all departments, and he is determined to continue with
this same cost containment strategy during 2014. Another mayoral claim is that
the figures have been achieved without a reduction in the quality of services

However, it is obvious that the
Council could do even more good work if their income was increased – and there
is a way to increase it. There is a register of residents called the "Padron”.
For every person recorded on this register, the council receives 131 euros from
Central Government each and every year. If you live in Teulada-Moraira on a
permanent basis or live here for several months at a time – you are urged to
register on the pardon please. The Council then can receive more money and put
it to good use on your behalf.

There are no hidden problems for you
if you register – there are no extra taxes involved – for the Padron register
is only a kind of census, so that Central Government know how many people there
are in the country.

On the contrary, there are
additional benefits for you. For example, for every 1500 people who
register,and have a SIP medical card, the populace is entitled to an extra
doctor in Teulada-Moraira. That surely is a major incentive for us old codgers
to register!

It’s so very easy to do, as well.
You just have to go to the SIT (information office) in the Teulada Town Hall,
or to the SIT office in "La Senieta” Municipal building in Moraira.

You need to take a photocopy and the
original of your passport or Identitty Card. If you have one, take your
Certificate of the Central Register of Residents (Green Certificate). The SIT
Office will want to see the Title Deeds of your property, or if you are renting,
a contract or authorization from the property owner, together with a copy of
their passport or Identity Card, or a utility bill such as electricity/water
where their name is shown. This doesn’t sound very simple, but it is. The staff
at the SIT offices are very helpful too. It’ll take 15 minutes of your time at
most and as the Mayor says "the more we are, the less each one of us has to pay
towards general expenses.” So, it’s a very important 15 minutes.

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