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Sat 3 Jan 2009

If you are visiting or live on the Costa Blanca, it is worth spending some time on the subject of security. As is the case in most places now, it is advantageous to be vigilant.

Gas Inspection: If anyone comes to your door informing you they have come to inspect your gas pipes they are bogus. This does not happen with the authentic gas manufacturers.

Another area where you should be vigilant are the beaches. It is best not to take anything of value on to the beach, just take the minimum amount of cash you require should you need a drink or food and do not leave anything unattended.

Airports: This is another area where you should be vigilant. On arrival at the airport, do not accept help from any strangers, especially if you are hiring a car and are putting your luggage in the boot.

In your home it also is sensible to keep the back doors locked if you are in the front of the house and vice versa. Sometimes someone will come to the house asking for a drink of water. This is usually a ruse to get into the house.

Should you be unfortunate to have a robbery you should inform the Guardia immediately. If you lose any credit cards cancel them immediately with the appropriate companies or banks.

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