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Sun 8 Jun 2008

Every year there is an International Festival in Javea and this year, 2008, it begins on Thursday, 12th July. There will be 27 countries and associations showing their diverse culture and cuisine.

The festival lasts for three days and takes place on Avenida Agusta.

There will be a main stage to enjoy theatre groups, jazz bands, ethnic music and other music. The event is free of charge.

Thursday, 12th June:

19.00 Musicians from the French city of Albi in typical costumes. 19.30 Greeting in each language by participating countries. 20.15 Acrobatic Pizza. 20.15 Entertainment by Ronald McDonald. 21.30 Entertainment by students from Valerie Jean Stage School 22.30 Parade by the Moors and Christians of Javea 23.00 Rock band Dark Hose.

Friday, 13th June.

Parade by French Musicians 20.00 Acrobatic Pizza 20.30 Performance by dance group En Danza 21.300 Dance of Fire from Brazil 22.30 Hungarian group music 23.30 Music from Uruguay 00.00 Classic rock.

Saturday, 14th June

Workshops for all children from 5 to 12 years. From 12.00 until 14.00 and 16.00 to 18.00 18.30 Parade by French musicianss 19.30 Acrobatic Pizza Performances by pupils of Javea schools 20.30 Jazz with Hot Dogs 21.30 Parade of Moors and Christians of Javea 23.30 Performance by Enric Peidro and the Cuitat Bib Band

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