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Tue 9 Dec 2008

Aldi Supermarket

Aldi Supermarket

There are now two Aldi supermarkets in Calpe, as well as one in Javea and one in Denia.
This supermarket is one of the discount supermarkets and sell many provisions at very reasonable prices. They also sell fresh vegetables, meat and each week there are various offers, for example, clothes, bathroom fittings, electrical goods and others.

The Calpe supermarkets are situated, one just past the original Mercadona on the right hand side and the other is signposted as you enter the dual carriageway, just past the new Mercadona, on the right hand side. The Aldi in Javea is situated at the bottom of the old town and the one in Denia is signposted as you come into the town on the dual carriageway.

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