Food and Drink Life in Spain

Sun 4 Aug 2013

It’s fair to say that Moraira isn’t the place to experience much authentic Spanish cuisine. Rather, the food
available here is best described as "international”

The exception to that statement can
be found on a visit to Spanish bars in the Moraira village. There you will come
face to face with "tapas”. These are hot or cold snacks, served as bite-sized
portions – and a selection of them will make a very pleasant and filling lunch.

On display, you’ll find such
attractions as aceitunas (olives,
often with an anchovy or red pepper filling). Additionally you’re likely to seebacalao (salted cod loin, very thinly
sliced) and banderillas (olives, baby
onions, baby cucumbers, chillies and pieces of pepper, all pickled in vinegar
and skewered together). It’s likely there’ll also be calamares (rings of battered squid) or albondigas (spicy meat balls) awaiting you.

If, on the other hand, you prefer
something more formal, then there are hundreds of restaurants to choose from.
These range from those aiming for the custom of holidaymakers and ex-patriot
residents (at 10/15 euros per head) to those specialising in celebrations of
special occasions (at prices from 25 to 50 euros per person). This latter price
may seem high, and it is, but for your money you are given first class service
and top quality food and wine, all beautifully presented.

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