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You’re bound to be cautious about buying a home in Spain. Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place, because for years we’ve been helping people find properties that are just right for them. And many have been kind enough to sing our praises, so we’d like to share their comments with you. It’s our way of showing you that we offer a great service – and that we can prove it, too! Please feel free to contact any of our previous customers using the email addresses provided. Thanks to all that have taken the time to write.

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Dear Anthony & Sally               2014

Our first contact with Sally and Anthony was at a housewarming party thrown by friends from our village in Surrey, who had decided to move out to Moraira and used the services of Spanish Property Sales to find their villa. Although we were planning to sell our house and downsize to a smaller property in a cheaper area of the UK on our retirement, at that time we were not considering a move abroad. Over the course of the next year, however, we started to rethink our plans, particularly when we realised the much better value for money a villa in Spain represented, compared to a small property in the English countryside.

On the strength of our friends’ recommendation, we E-mailed Sally, who then called us to discuss our requirements and, most importantly, our budget. We explained that we weren’t planning to visit until we had a firm offer on our house (which wasn’t even on the market yet!), but were just exploring the options at that stage, so Sally sent us through a few suggestions to clarify the sort of properties we found most interesting and kept us updated on a regular basis over the following six months, until we finally got under way in earnest.

I could jump straight to our first visit, but that would be to overlook the patience Sally showed in the run-up to it, when we bombarded her every couple of days with another dozen bargain properties we’d found on Rightmove, only for her to patiently explain that this one was next to a noisy main road, or that one was next door to an industrial estate, or had an electricity pylon in the back garden, etc., etc.

All of which meant that by the time we did get over, the viewings she’d arranged for Anthony to take us on left us with the awful dilemma of how to shorten the list of potentials, and that’s where Anthony’s impartiality and local knowledge proved so valuable. Every time we got back in the car, he’d evaluate the pros and cons and remind us that this was an important decision and not one to be rushed, and it didn’t matter how many properties we viewed; until we were 100% sure of our choice, they’d just keep finding properties that suited our search criteria.

It was only after a second visit, and another dozen or so properties visited, that we finally had our sights set on a particular one, but it was to be another six nailbiting weeks before we exchanged in the UK and could finally make an offer. Again Anthony stepped up to the plate, acting as intermediary in the purchase negotiation and helping us achieve a very substantial discount against the asking price, as well as guiding us through the purchase process itself.

To employ a property finder in the UK will typically cost you between 1% and 1½% of the purchase price – Spanish Property Sales charge the buyer nothing, they’re paid by the selling agent, and since they work with all the agents in the area they can still be impartial but save you all the legwork. Now that’s what I call value for money – or rather, no money!

Ian & Eileen

Dear Anthony & Sally,          2013

Over the past 14 years we have had many happy holidays in Javea with family and friends, we enjoyed it so much that a couple of years ago we decided to buy a property for our future retirement.
Back home we trawled through the internet and the many agent websites and just so happens found some properties we were interested in on the website Spanish Property Sales. We filled in the information form request on-line, and the next day we had a phone call from Sally, we were on the phone for a long time, Sally was so friendly and helpful, very easy to talk to. Sally explained they were not actually an independent estate agent but would advertise all properties of the local agents on their website, wish we had found this earlier would have saved so much time. 
We arranged to fly out beginning of January to view some properties, Sally had arranged for us to meet Anthony who would show us around. We were a bit apprehensive at first meeting somebody you didn't know, but as soon as we got talking to Anthony we realized he was a real nice guy, not pushy like some agents, he said as they were not contracted by a vendor, he was not bias towards any particular property, but would explain the pros and cons, good areas, orientation of the sun which is very important as that is what we have come for. Anthony is very knowledgeable of the property business and has many contacts and recommendations in regard to any property maintenance, which was very reassuring.
Anthony showed us around for a good 3 days, viewing nearly 16 properties, eventually finding one we really liked, it was everything we wanted. The property was over our budget, but Anthony persuaded us to put in a cheeky offer, to our surprise a few days later the offer was accepted.
We now have our very own "Place in the Sun", and look forward to many happy years with our family and future retirement.
We cannot thank Anthony and Sally enough for all their help , we can honestly say they are two of the most genuinely nicest people in this world.

See you again soon

Pierre and Pat

Dear Anthony & Sally,  2013

We have recently completed the purchase of a fabulous villa in Moraira. Sally and Anthony at Spanish Property Sales enabled us to achieve our dream. As property consultants offering impartial advice, working on behalf of the buyer, Spanish Property Sales are perfectly positioned to give professional and unbiased guidance on purchasing a property.

With a brief of our requirements Sally liaised with an array of estate agents to compile a list of suitable properties. Anthony patiently transported us to all viewings and his invaluable knowledge and understanding of the purchasing process enabled us to enter into negotiations with confidence. With their sound information on the complexities of the Spanish legal system we were able to complete our purchase smoothly and successfully. 

We would not hesitate to recommend Spanish Property Sales to help you achieve your piece of paradise in the sun.

King regards

Martin & Gill Allen

Dear Anthony & Sally,  2013

We were familiar with the concept of using a purchaser’s agent from our home purchase in the UK several years ago. When you do not live in the place where you are buying a property (even more so in a foreign country), having local support and advice on the ground is invaluable. Anthony and Sally were very helpful in our search and, in particular, were able to help us understand important issues relating to likely development in the area adjacent to the property we eventually purchased.  That any fees for their services were ultimately borne by the seller was an additional advantage.

For most of us a house purchase is typically the most important financial decision we make in our lives and receiving objective advice absolutely essential. We felt that Anthony and Sally genuinely had our interests at heart and acted with integrity at all times. From subsequent discussions with Anthony it became clear to us that he takes special pride in recommending a client not to proceed with a purchase which he does not feel is right. To us that says all you need to know.

Kind regards

Martin and Shonagh Bury 


Hi Sally & Anthony,        2013

When we earlier this year decided to start looking for a property in the Moraira area, we first checked different estate agents web sites. The large number of properties within our search criterias available on the market along with the number of estate agents, made the task to find the right one very complex.

At that time we found Spanish Property Sales and immediately realised that the services provided was a perfect fit for us. 

Together with Sally, we agreed on two days in early May 2013 for a visit and the selection of houses to view. First week in May, we went down to Moraira to meet with Anthony, who took us to visit the first selection of properties. Anthony realised very quickly our needs and he was very responsive. He pointed out both negative and positive aspects of the properties and gave us his objective remarks.

We spent two days, looking at +15 properties and went home with a downselection of two properties. Anthony then played a keyrole in managing us thru the buying process ensuring we got the best value out of our buy. He and Sally where very fast in responding to all queries we had and the purchase of the property where closed in three weeks!

We are now owners of a great property in the Benissa area and highly recommend other people who are interested in buying a property in the area to contact Anthony & Sally @ Spanish Property Sales. They will not only provide the guidance and advice during the process, but also follow-up after the purchase to help out with any questions or practical information needed.

Kind regards,

Agneta & Kent-Roger Wistrand, Sweden
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