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You’re bound to be cautious about buying a home in Spain. Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place, because for years we’ve been helping people find properties that are just right for them. And many have been kind enough to sing our praises, so we’d like to share their comments with you. It’s our way of showing you that we offer a great service – and that we can prove it, too! Please feel free to contact any of our previous customers using the email addresses provided. Thanks to all that have taken the time to write.

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Hi Everyone, Oct 2017

Just writing to say thank you to the team at Spanish Property Sales, for all their hard work over the August Bank Holiday. Right from their first point of contact to the personal phone call to us, they have proved what good listeners they are. Working late to identify a property we liked and ringing the builder direct, the service was exemplary. They found us the villa of our dreams, organised the lawyer, took us to the notary and made everything as easy as can be, always with a smile . I can’t praise them enough!

Julia Hands

Hi Anthony & Sally,

We just want to say a huge thank you for helping us to find our perfect Spanish property!

John and I stumbled upon Moraira by accident in November 2015 on our way to Valencia to watch the Moto GP.
We had been considering investing in a holiday rental property for some time and the place immediately appealed to us.
Once back in England we did a little bit of research and not only did we decide that this is where we wanted to purchase a property but we also spotted your website.

We contacted you both and early December we were back in Moraira viewing properties!

Right from the beginning it was obvious that you both have a vast knowledge of the area and an invaluable insight into the pitfalls associated with finding the right property.
An initial conversation gave us the confidence to put our trust in the two of you.
The process of understanding what we were looking for and then filtering through the hundreds of properties that are for sale allowed us to make several efficient visits to Moraira.

We did suggest a few properties that we had found ourselves on the internet and you were kind enough to arrange for us to see these too.
This was the defining moment for me as these properties were not at all what we saw on the internet and indeed I wondered where they had taken some of the photos from!
It was obvious from that point that the work that you do to filter these type of properties out is absolutely invaluable.

It was the end of January when we found the one!

Anthony took care of everything and really all we needed to do was sign on the dotted line and pay the money! (Effortless to say the least!!)

On the 18th March 2016 we collected the keys and the Villa was ours.

The whole process took 16 weeks from when we first visited Moraira until we collected the keys (including the Christmas holidays!!!).

Once again we would like to thank you both for all of the hard work that you put in to make this happen for us.


Hi Anthony and Sally,

Jan 2017

just wanted to say a big thank you for finding us the perfect property. We are so thrilled we put our trust in you. As you know we have bought property in spain before and it was a nightmare, wasted so much time and money being shown properties that were totally not what we asked for. You did all the hard work for us even before we arrived. Thanks once again. We are thrilled. Best wishes to you both.

Frank and Irene Hopkins

To Anthony & Sally Bloom at Spanish Property Sales 2016.

For all those seeking sound property advice in Javea.

I first made contact with Anthony and Sally via their Website in May 2015. I was interested in purchasing a Villa in the Costa Blanca but had not visited that area. Coming from Australia buying a property in Spain was not going to be easy.

Sally called me not long after and went through the type of things I wanted in a Spanish Villa. Sally showed incredible knowledge of the area plus the many attributes that needed to be considered eg direction the house faced, location to the beach and township of either Javea or Moraira.

After reviewing many properties on the Website I narrowed a list down to 25/30 properties. Sally very quickly responded with a detailed critique of each property. This allowed me to narrow my list down to 12. After many phone calls and emails I decided to make a visit and see what the properties looked like in person rather than the illusion of grandeur that sometimes comes from real estate photos.

I met Anthony in September 2015 with a view to use the trip as more of an education for me, not necessarily looking to actually buy. Sally and Anthony were completely ok with this. I visited about 12 properties which were all along the lines of what I had discussed with Anthony. There were 2 properties that I thought were what I was looking for but as I said earlier I was not on a buying trip but getting educated with the area.

After returning to Australia I kept in contact with both Anthony and Sally, exchanging more info regarding the 2 properties and keeping tabs on them to see if there were any interested parties going into the Spanish Winter months.
After Christmas I decided to visit Sally and Anthony again to take a second look at the original 2 properties and another 10 just to make sure that I was happy to focus on the 2 I had identified. Sally again was most helpful in compiling information on the additional properties I would see with Anthony.

At the end of the review of these properties I indicated to Anthony that the property I really liked was the one he had identified as a very rare property in the area of Tosalet. He made an appointment with his recommended Lawyer for the Sunday so we could get the ball rolling. Anthony joined me at the Lawyers. I was very impressed with Juan and his ability to make things seem easy to accomplish even though I lived in Australia.

Long story short Sally and Anthony were invaluable throughout the process of buying the property. A point to note is that the purchase was done completely via Powers of Attorney given to the lawyer. After settlement I returned to Spain and Anthony had everything organised with gardeners, pool maintenance, letting agent, decorators, locksmiths etc.

After meeting with them all over a two week period we agreed what was required and cemented our relationship. In hindsight there is no way I could have accomplished this without Anthony and Sally. It would have taken months. Even now as we start to revitalise the property, Anthony is involved in every aspect giving his thoughts and options. A very pleasant process only made possible by Sally and Anthony’s commitment to making it all possible.

I would highly recommend that anyone interested in purchasing a property in the Javea- Moraira area contact Sally and Anthony at

Ray & Denise Frawley

Dear Sally & Anthony, 25th June 2016

We started the journey to find our dream property in the Costa Blanca researching online in late Autumn 2015. This quickly became a daunting project as we had never visited the area and didn’t have any contacts. We had found what looked to be a nice district around the town of Moraira and registered with a couple of estate agents, but they were only focused on their own stock. However, by a stroke of luck we had also registered with a company called Spanish Property Sales. This resulted in a phone call to our house in England, one Saturday morning from a lady called Sally, who introduced herself as one half of a husband and wife team – the proprietors of Spanish Property Sales.

She took time getting to know our circumstances and requirements giving us lots of background information about the area. She explained how she and Anthony, her husband, had spent literally years researching the Spanish Costas before choosing to settle in Moraira some 13 years previously. They offered an independent property finding service that allowed them to give totally unbiased advice which we found very appealing. There was no hard sell, no contract, just lots of excellent feedback regards the properties we were selecting on the net. We soon came to realize that we were in safe hands and abandoned any ideas of working direct with estate agents – we didn’t need anybody else.
With their help our original list of 60 properties became a shortlist of 12 and Sally reassured us that the house we wanted was there, we just had to find it.

We travelled to Moraira in March to meet them – the personal experience turned out to be even better than the on-line one. They made all the arrangements and Anthony drove us around for two and a half days visiting all the properties on our list providing non-stop commentary on the area and a completely honest review after each viewing.
We were very fortunate and found our dream home during this visit. Anthony did all the negotiating with the estate agent and then offered to give us a personal introduction to a local lawyer. There was no pressure but by then he had got to know us and realized it would be important for us to meet him before we left.

Once we returned home the support continued – they are not just a safe pair of hands but also an arm around our shoulders. They know what it’s like to feel anxious and full of trepidation – this is a massive commitment for us and involves our life savings so we have to get it right. They don’t just provide a service, they make you their friend. They want to make sure their clients enjoy living in the area of Moraira as much as they do themselves and a crucial part of this is choosing the right property and location for each individual need.

Our sale was completed with very little stress because the lawyer Sally and Anthony recommended was excellent and did a really thorough job, giving us complete peace of mind. Sally provided a comprehensive list of local businesses which allowed us to arrange important things like insurance, housekeeping, gardening, pool maintenance and internet with ease. We have every intention of continuing our friendship and to utilize their wealth of knowledge and support services to make our ongoing Spanish adventure as stress free as possible.

Thank you so much Anthony and Sally.

Mark and Jane Smith