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Selling made easy!

Established in 2002, we are a highly reputable internet based real estate business. Our strategy has always been a very focussed approach to finding the right property for the buyer. The time and research we put in from the start, ensures our property viewings have been carefully selected and discussed with the potential buyers, increasing our chances of success.

For the seller.

This means minimal time wasted on non-productive viewings.  A better chance of selling if the property has been well matched to the buyer’s requirement.  Since 2002, we continue to achieve extraordinary results with our method of working. We are looking for good properties to sell and have many clients waiting. If you want to sell your property, contact us today.

For the buyer.

Our main focus, is to provide brutally honest and unbiased help & advice, pros + cons of each location and property to be viewed relative to your requirements. This cherry-picking process increases your chances of finding the right property.  

We cover the market.

Covering all the property for sale in the area via our well-established property network, we offer you one point of contact and a highly efficient viewing schedule.  We seek & find every property for sale that meets your fundamental wish list. We obtain all the important information about the location and property prior to viewing. You can then decide what you would like to view with us. We then make all the appointments to suit your timeframe.  We do this for every property, including those you may send to us for vetting.  After each viewing, we pass on our wealth of knowledge to enable you to compile your shortlist. Working together like this is highly productive and the best way to cover the market without the hassle. There are over 58 estate agents in Moraira alone and it can become a daunting task to find your dream property.                                             

This is what clients are saying about their experience with us: Independent reviews   

The smart way to shop.

In this day & age, your journey to find a property inevitably begins on the internet. We have utilised this very well for our own business and it is no coincidence that since 2002, we have never required a shop front to promote property or find buyers. The internet is the largest shop window one could wish for and there are many advantages in having a registered office at home as it allows us to spend more "out of office time” with our clients, away from the day-to-day distractions we all have. This is done during the evenings when all the shops are closed.

Making Clients Happy Since 2002.

We believe in providing the information the buyer needs to know and consequently, we make a lot of people very happy!

Finding buyers.

Our website is highly optimised and easy to use. We advertise extensively with Google who dominate the search engines. We also advertise on the international property portals and social media. We also share our properties with our extensive network of trusted collaborating partners to maximise coverage.

Property valuation.

If your property is not yet for sale, we can provide a property valuation. We take the time to establish with you every detail we need to know about your property in order to provide a fair valuation in the current marketplace. Taking into account the current demand, size of build, plot, condition, pool, landscaping, views, orientation, location and all the improvements you have made inside and out. We also compare with similar properties in the area. The more information we can obtain from you, the better we can value your property and present it accurately to the potential buyers. Please contact us to arrange a free property valuation.

(Should you decide to go ahead and sell your property)

The documents you need are.

Title Deed / Escritura or Copia Simplé, Certificate of Habitation/ Cedula, EPC/energy certificate, Rates / IBI receipt and copy of last utility bills, water, electric and gas/oil.  It is a good idea to speak with your Gestor to ensure they have all the documentation required. Also, to calculate your selling cost to enable you to know your bottom line when negotiating any offers made.

Preparing your property for photos / sale.

The first thing buyers will see are pictures on the internet of your property. This is why it is important that you present your property in the best possible way for the photography and virtual tours. After this try and ensure it always looks tidy for viewings.

Tips to help you make the most from the photoshoot:

Tidy the outside areas and pressure wash if required. It’s usually the first thing viewers will see.

Clean and declutter all the visible surfaces, like bathroom & kitchen tops, tables, bedside cabinets etc...

Allow as much light as possible into the property

Make the beds look inviting

For viewings, a quick spray around with air freshener works well, especially if you have dogs.

If there are any cracks or maintenance issues you have been meaning to do, but not got around to doing it, now is a good time! The way a property is maintained is very important to a buyer.

Selling cost.

Below we provide an example of the various selling cost but this is subject to change. Ideally you should consult with your legal representative to establish your true cost to sell the property. We provide a general guide of the main points to help you though.

Plusvalia tax. 

This is a tax you pay to the town hall on the increased value of your land since it was purchased. You will need help from your Gestoria to establish what this amount is.

Capital gains tax.

This is based on the difference between the purchase price and the sales price of the property. It varies from 19-23%. For non-residents of Spain but EU resident the tax is fixed at 19%. For non-EU residents, they retain 3% of the sales price in lieu of your capital gain and this is paid to the tax office. It is then for you and your legal representative to prove to the tax authorities the amount of capital gain or loss, should this be the case. Your legal advisor can then apply to the tax office for the appropriate sum to be refunded if applicable. 23% tax is only applied on non-EU residents for gains of more than 50,000 euros.

If you are resident in Spain and 65 years of age or over you should be exempt from paying any CGT, providing the property is your habitual residence for at least 4 years.

Energy certificate.

You will require an energy performance certificate. It will cost around 280 euros. Your Gestor can organise this for you. This can be done after a sale has been agreed.

Mortgage cancellation.

If the property is charged with a mortgage there is usually a cancellation fee. You will need to ask your mortgage provider to see what this is.


This is to renew or obtain the licence of occupation, if required. The average cost is around 800 euros including the architects certificate and town hall fees.

Declaration of new works.

If your property has had an additional extension, new pool, new garage, summer kitchen etc… that are not on the existing title deed, you will need to declare it and register it in order to obtain the Cedula as mentioned above. Providing any alterations or extensions comply with the planning regulations, there should be no problem in obtaining this. There is a cost to declare the correct build size and description of the property if it has changed or if there are any discrepancies found during the legal checks. This is a legal requirement and the costs are subject to the value of the construction added.  There is usually a stamp duty of around 1.5% plus notary and land registry fees but again this may vary with each region.

Agency selling fees.

There are various options, our advice is to avoid those charging excessive amounts. We offer various options: Discounts for sole agency periods, virtual tours, 3D floor plans, walk through videos, pro photography and a range of extensive marketing options, all of which can be discussed.

Legal fees.

You will need to ask your Gestor/legal advisor as they may vary.