property for sale in Moraira and the Eurozone crisis

Property for sale in Moraira and the Eurozone crisis.

Who would believe that many people have still continued to purchase property for sale in Moraira throughout the crisis but it's true.

 Property for sale in Moraira

However, over the past four years we have seen a steady but reluctant price correction on most properties. The average adjustment in price equates to around 30%. In some areas further south, even more!

The scale and longevity of the crisis has meant that the erosion of prices was inevitable, especially having reached property boom prices in the past.

The good news is that there has been some significant progress made during 2012 to stabilise the Eurozone. A disaster is not on the horizon any more but the press would have you believe the opposite.

Remember that there would be hardly any lucrative future or profit to be made from us if we all went back to the dark ages. Greed and self preservation will not allow this to happen!

Social engineering and adjustment takes time to get ingrained into the heart of society. Indebtedness, quantitative easing, taxation, austerity, unemployment, inflation, civil unrest, most of all uncertainty and fear. All words that we have been brainwashed with over recent times.

It's a bitter pill to swallow but when what was once un-acceptable becomes the norm the situation can be and is inevitably stabilised. We have, in effect, been taken to the brink of disaster and beaten into submission.

It's taken time to reach rock bottom but I believe we have reached a turning point in the history of the crisis. It simply can't continue as it has been and the leaders know this.

So with society well primed, I think the next phase of the crisis is to implement some of the ideas that have been discussed as to how we actually get out of it. This will inevitably cost the richer nations more and is the main reason why it's taken so long. It's pretty obvious that we have witnessed protectionism over the transfer of wealth. I think the dynamics of this is now about to change for the good of the Eurozone as a whole. We may even get some type of political union!

We certainly need to be protected from the high interest payments on our bonds.  It would seem that the markets can hold a nation to ransom for high interest payments for their bonds on supposed poor credit ratings given by the credit ratings agencies. They must be in bed together!

Once the Eurozone is stable again, confidence will grow and if Moraira property has continued to sell during the crisis, imagine how much it will improve once the Eurozone gets back on track!

All those buyers that were waiting for the hammer to fall will come back to their dream. Where once it was dark there is now light at the end of the tunnel.

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